Pamela Anderson is getting "remarried"--for the first time--to Kid Rock.

The on-again, off-again couple will cement their on-again status July 29 in a wedding ceremony on a yacht along the French Riviera, Us Weekly reports in its upcoming issue.

"They've been very close for a long time and decided that now is the right time to take the next step," Anderson's camp tells the magazine. "They couldn't be happier about their future together."

It will be the second actual marriage for Baywatch alum Anderson, 38, and the first actual marriage for rock-singer Rock, 35. The two originally were engaged back in 2002, but split a year later before exchanging vows.

Anderson blogged about the blessed event--minus the specifics (date, time, identity of fiancé, etc.)--on her official Website.

"Yes, I'm finally getting remarried," Anderson wrote Tuesday. "It's been a whirlwind--spontaneous but well thought through."

Anderson hinted at the big news in a post last Thursday: "My life is moving forward," she wrote. "I've made some big decisions. Watch this space."

Oddly, Anderson does not get credit for the scoop on the Anderson-Kid Rock nuptials; that honor would seem to go to Howard Stern.

The talk host relayed the news to the Monday night edition of "Miserable Men," a Sirius satellite radio show, per the Stern fan site

On his own program Tuesday, Stern said he was tipped off by Anderson, who phoned him Monday. While Anderson was happy to report she was bound to be a bride, she was reluctant to report who was to be her groom. Only after a "few minutes" did Anderson drop Kid Rock's name, Stern said, according to

While Stern expressed surprised--he apparently didn't know the couple was back together--the paparazzi probably weren't shocked.

Anderson and Rock (né: Robert James Ritchie) have been seen frolicking together of late. Photographs of their summer vacation showed up in the celebrity magazines and blogs last week.

Until recently, the couple's prime photo-op time was between 2001 and 2003, a romantic run highlighted by their 2002 Las Vegas engagement. When the couple parted in 2003, they remained mum on the reason. "Bob is great--I just saw him this morning--but we're not engaged any more," Anderson said at the time. "I'm really surprised that anyone is even interested."

In 1995, Anderson took a well-thought-through trip down the aisle with rocker Tommy Lee, whom she later accused of giving her hepatitis C. (He denied the accusation.)

Three years, two children, one sex tape, one wedding-vow-renewal ceremony and a spousal-abuse case later, Anderson and Lee were over. Still, as recently as last year there were rumors (denied) that an Anderson-Lee remarriage was in the works.

On her Website, Anderson wrote that it's been "sad and lonely and frustrating" to be a single mother--although minus a direct reference, it's possible she was referring to life on the late Fox comedy Stacked.

"I've raised my kids alone in hope of a miracle. Well, my miracle came and went," Anderson noted, apparently alluding to Rock. "And [it] came back and came back because he knew that I'd wake up one day and realize that I was waiting for nothing."

"I'm in love. I'm happy. I see the light."

Anderson wrote that her children, sons Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 8, "love their Dad"--Lee, and "love their new Step Dad [sic]"--Rock.

In addition to their wedding, upcoming projects for Anderson and Rock include a poker Website,, for her, and the conclusion of a summer tour for the self-described "American Bad Ass."

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