Once Upon a Time In Wonderland


WARNING: We're about to drop some magical spoilers from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland's series finale. If you do not wish to know what happened, jump back down the rabbit hole.

Alice finally got her happy ever after!

Although our time down the rabbit hole has come to a close, tonight's series finale of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was a truly memorable hour. From heart-pounding action, to sad goodbyes, and swoon-worthy endings, we're here to catch up on everything you may have missed...

Oh Jafar, don't you know that good always defeats evil? After killing both his own father as well as Amara (Cyrus' mother), Jafar thought that he and his army of zombie soldiers could finally rule Wonderland. However, Alice, being the insanely clever girl that she is, tricked Jafar into stealing water from the Well of Wonders. Nyx punished the sorcerer for his thievery by forcing him to become a genie, forever serving others. Hah, take that!

Anastasia had quite the busy night. At the episode's open she was resurrected by Jafar, consumed by a love spell for the evil sorcerer, died again once more after Jafar became a genie, and then was brought back to life with a little bit of Well of Wonders water. Phew! No one was more thrilled to have Anastasia back than her one true love, Will. Swoon!

The episode ended with Alice and Cyrus' breath-taking Wedding back in London where all of Alice's family and Wonderland friends were in attendance. (Rabbit performed the ceremony!) Alice and her new husband lived a long and happy life together in London, and eventually welcomed a beautiful little girl to the world. And of course, Alice made sure to tell her daughter all about her crazy Wonderland adventures.

And while Alice and Cyrus stayed in London, Will and Anastasia jumped back down the rabbit hole to live their happily ever after in Wonderland. We already know that Michael Socha has been tapped to make the switch over to Once Upon a Time's upcoming fourth season, but as of now, we're still left wondering what will bring the Knave to Storybrooke. 

What did you think of the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series finale? What do you think will bring Will to Storybrooke? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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