#AfterSex Selfies Are a Horrible New Instagram Trend (That Needs to Be Stopped Immediately)

Nerve first uncovered this horrible new trend--TMI much?!

By John Boone Apr 02, 2014 9:50 PMTags
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As if your Instagram feed wasn't already filled with too many selfies—selfies while working out and sexy selfies in the mirror before going out and selfies where only half their head is in frame because they have to fit the Eiffel Tower, too—now, right between a photo of their lunch and a picture with their mom, you might find a selfie of someone who just had sex.

Welcome to the #AfterSex hashtag

And the more TMI pictures are exactly what you think: Couples, generally in their late teens or 20s, lying in a post-coitus...bliss? So, basically, people are bangin' each other, snapping a quick selfie and spending their spooning session picking a filter. Romance, thou aren't dead!

First of all: Not to sound judgmental, but we're judging you. Second: We have literally a million questions.

Like, WHY?

Nerve.com was the first to report on the trend, calling it "voyeuristic," noting that the pics are posted "with full knowledge that they can and will be searched by anonymous eyes." That may seem obvious, but let us say it again: ANYONE CAN SEE THESE. And what's on the Internet stays there forever

"In a way the #aftersex tag is a reassurance to the couple taking the photos," Nerve continues. "‘Hey, look at us, we're having really, really hot sex,' is met with recognition of their hot sex life by their friends, maybe even a like."

Again: Judging you. Also, judging anyone who likes a friend's #AfterSex photo. What happened to just talking about it in the locker room or at brunch and high-fiving each other?! That's a real-life "Like!"

And next, WHHHYYY?

DailyMail interviewed a Dr. Chris Chesher of the University of Sydney, who explained, "What happens when new cultural platforms come along, is the norms with how they should be used don't exist until people start using them...Platforms like Facebook have been around for several years, so expectations of how it should be used have been gradually established."

We feel it's worth pointing out that even if you're new to Instagram, you're probably not new to life and understand that, should you want to share your sex stuff on the Internet, there are porn hubs (literally PornHub.com) for that. Not on a social media where your aunt follows you.

The hashtag has been hijacked by joke pictures—the puppies above, or teenage boys posting pictures of their hand (get it?), and at least one sonogram video—but if you dig a little, you'll find what you're looking for. Or not looking for.

If you want to see the real deal, you can troll the tag here or here. Warning: There are potentially NSFW, and GUARANTEED gross, pictures in the #AfterSex tag. Browse at your own risk. (Or don't browse at all, and just take our word for it that your life will continue on just fine if you never see #AfterSex selfies?)

Here's a less risqué example, so you get the gist of it:

Which brings us to our last question:

If it's not an actual selfie, WHO IS TAKING THESE PHOTOS?!