Growing Up Duggar: 5 Most Surprising Revelations From the Family's New Book!

Eldest Duggar girls dish on their way of life and relationships

By Chima Simone Apr 02, 2014 11:18 PMTags
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"It's all about relationships" in the new Duggar book.

But what exactly can the conservative Christian twentysomethings Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger Duggar tell ladies about romantic relationships in Growing Up Duggar when they've never been kissed?

Well, think of their new non-fiction offering as self-help dating book The Rules, but for virtuous women whose dream man turns wine to purified water.

And while the eldest daughters of the Duggar clan are doling out advice rooted in Bible scripture, they also reveal startling tidbits about themselves and their personal lives. 

Here are five of the most surprising revelations.

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1. Long Hair. God Cares: "Our hairstyle is our choice and we choose longer hair based on our understanding of 1 Corinthians 11:14-15…while it is a shame for a man to have long hair, a woman's hair is her glory."  The sisters keep their strands long for the Lord and take pride in the appearance of their locks, but they're quick to add spending two hours in front of the mirror trying to perfect their manes is absurd.

And the Duggar daughters are no muss, no fuss about clothing as well.

While a lot of women obsess over labels like Christian Dior or Christian Louboutin, these girls keep it strictly Christian—preferring to dress in frugal "feminine skirts and dresses," they purchase at their favorite places to shop, thrift stores and consignment shops.

2. Body by God: Not only do the Duggars dress modestly as women "have a responsibility not to dress or act in a way that builds up sensual desires in guys," they are also against plastic surgery because it changes what God intended you to look like. The "unchangeables" like facial features and other physical characteristics were created by "His design" and you should leave them untouched—not because you can't change them, you just shouldn't.

But if you do decide to get that boob job you always wanted, the girls think you should have a consult with God before your surgeon.

"You can have surgery to change some of your physical features, but before you do, we hope you'll carefully and prayerfully consider what God originally gave you when He created you."


3. "True Love Waits": These 20-year-old virgins (and older) are absolutely against sex and cohabitating before marriage. "When we say true love waits, we mean that couples should not act like they're married when they're not or share physical intimacies that married couples share."

But they're also against hand-holding, kissing and actually dating. The Duggar daughters prefer to be courted with their parents chaperoning as they "focus on the spiritual and emotional aspects of their relationship."

None of them have replaced their purity rings with wedding bands yet because they don't feel marriage is "God's will or God's timing," right now.

"Until then we're content in this phase of life, and we're striving to live every single day for the Lord."


4. Holy Man List: The traditional ladies of the Duggar family may not be married, but they do know what they want in a spouse!

  1. A Godly Man, like their Dad —"that would mean we desire the man we marry to be honest, hardworking, generous, and ministry-focused."
  2. A Gentle Spirit—"not one who regularly loses his temper and spews out anger."
  3. Chivalrous and loves children (maybe wants to have 19 of them?)
  4. Monied—"a good steward of his money with a goal of living debt-free within his finances."

5. You In Danger, Girls:  Ladies, the Duggar daughters want you to know the secular world has many temptations in the form of rock 'n' roll music, social media, gossip sites and the silver screen, stating, "Much of Hollywood and pop culture media glorifies things that God considers to be wicked." 

But wait! Something more wicked this way comes—in texting form.  

According to the Duggars, the Internet is "dangerous" and they warn, "Sometimes even just the thought of a guy texting you or chatting with you through the Internet world can make you think, Maybe he likes me! But remember, when a young man who has no commitment or obligation to you is flirting with you through texting or the like, it's probable that he is also flirting with many other girls in the same way—and even at the same time."

The same time?! That can't be what the Lord intended when he invented smart phones.