Dirk Nowitzki, Conan


Is Conan O'Brien really an all-star when it comes to knowing the Lone Star State?

Conan kicked off a week of shows in Dallas yesterday by immediately bragging about how much he knows about the state of Texas, prompting wingman Andy Richter to immediately call him out on his cockiness.

"I am serious," Conan insisted. "I'm not being cocky, I'm being serious! Nobody at this point knows Texas better than I do. I don't think it's possible."

"Well, then you should have no problem then passing the just-invented 'Texas Citizenship Test,'" Andy countered. And who better to administer the test than a hometown favorite?

Out walked Dallas Mavericks star and "true Texan" Dirk Nowitzki to ask the tough questions, the 7-foot-tall German-born power forward being one of the few guests to tower over the 6-foot-4 host.

Conan started off well, knowing that Texas' nickname is the Lone Star State and that the current governor is Rick Perry.

But then he started playing it a little fast and loose with the facts.

"The city of Dallas is founded by whom?" Nowitzki asked. "J.R. Ewing," O'Brien promptly replied, referring to the famed Dallas antihero played by Larry Hagman.

"Name the largest dome in Texas."

"Dr. Phil."

"What is the leading cause of heart attacks in Texas?"

"Tony Romo."

And so on. 

Conan knew Nowitzki's sometimes-used nickname, "The Dunking Deutschman," but it turns out that the 12-time All-Star would have accepted the likes of "Dirk Diggler," "The Germinator" and "Super Strudel."

And who knew the answer to so many questions (state flower, state bird, date Texas became a state) would be beef?!

Watch the clip now—and learn!

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