Safe to say Demi Lovato got seriously punked during the final night of her Neon Lights tour.

The ladies of Fifth Harmony, who toured with the singer as her opening act, opted to thank the performer after many successful nights on stage, providing her with a parting gift—expect it wasn't exactly what the pop star expected.

Yep, Demi Lovato got a pie in the face.

Fifth Harmony star Dinah Jane Hanson took to Instagram to document the hilarious incident, posting a video where the girls of 5H appear to be innocently approaching Demi as one declares, "I just want to say I love you," before they all erupt into screams as the pie makes contact with Demi's mug.

Cue an adorable Demi Lovato covered in whip cream who jokes, "I'm going to f--king kill you!" before she continues to yell, "That's great, that's great and when I see you in L.A., your ass is mine!"

Watch out, ladies!

Demi Lovato Twitter


The "Skyscraper" singer took to Twitter after the prank to share a photo of herself where she's seemingly all sticky thanks to the endless amounts of whipped cream, which she captioned, #whipcreamhair #sillystringdreads #lipstickkissies #tourpranks #BESTNIGHTEVER."

And while the ladies of 5H, who were formed on the X Factor in 2012, may have had a little fun with Lovato, they were truly appreciative for their time with the 21-year-old superstar.

Demi Lovato, Twitter


"Thank you for one of the best experiences of my life thus far ❤️ gonna miss you!! love you @ddlovato," Ally Brooke Hernandez wrote, posting a photo of the pair.

And clearly Demi shares the same sentiments, "SO proud to see @FifthHarmony doing SO well.. I knew they were stars the moment I helped put them together..Superstars.. I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!" the former Disney darling tweeted.

After yesterday's prank, it also appears as if Demi was a little too tired to celebrate April Fools' Day. "I'm all pranked out... Anyway happy April fools day!!," she wrote.

At least she got a sweet treat!

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