Ireland Baldwin

W Blanco/AKM-GSI

Someone didn't bother to blend...

Ireland Baldwin was spotted out running errands today in Beverly Hills and perhaps she was in a rush when she set out yesterday, because she was sporting a face full of foundation that wasn't quite providing the coverage she presumably had hoped for.

Her face technically looked fine—flawless, in fact! But when you're working with a tinted base, you've got to make sure to blend downward or else you risk ending up with an unintentional two-tone look.

Hey, it happens. And it can be nearly impossible to know for sure what your makeup is going to look like in broad daylight if you got ready inside. (That's what we tell ourselves, anyway, every time a celeb steps out in—oops!—a skirt that turns out to be see-through.)

Actually, we barely recognized Baldwin out of her usual bikini uniform. The 18-year-old was keeping it casual in jeans and a hoodie after a weekend that may have started off with a bang.

Four days ago, Ireland posted on Instagram a photo of herself lying on her back next to her car, a few pieces of what appear to be broken glass or plastic and her phone, face-down on the street. The vehicle has a visibly cracked taillight.

"collisions," she wrote simply.

Glad to see she's OK!

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