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Time spent watching TV is time well wasted.

So don't you dare feel bad if you go to this website and find out that you've spent months and months or years and years of your life keeping up with small screen characters like Carrie Bradshaw, Walter White and Homer Simpson.

And in the spirit of TV devotion, there's a new website created by designer and photographer Alex Cican that basically tracks how much time you've spent watching your favorite TV shows. All you have to do is type in the name of a TV show, click how many seasons you've watched of it (psh, try all of them) and then it adds it all up for you! For example, watching every episode of Friends means you've put at least four days and 22 hours toward the Central Perk gang. Worth every minute. It doesn't count re-watching, but maybe that'll be Alex's next update.

Don't let anyone judge you if your number is really high or if the majority of the TV shows on your list is animated. Your TV viewing habits are your habits, and if you've been happy or sad or emotional or felt anything while watching these characters, it wasn't a waste at all.

This story just got super spiritual. Maybe it was because the How I Met Your Mother finale just aired, and even though we didn't like it all that much, it didn't change the fact that we loved spending…


Four days and eight hours with Ted while he searched for the Mother.

We're still adding our favorite TV shows, but so far our counter is up to 85 days and nine hours. No regrets.

Try it for yourself and then report back, please! TV watchers unite!

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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