Giuliana & Bill Action-Packed Premiere: Plans for Baby #2, Giuliana Looks Into Guns, Attack Dogs and More—See the Recap!

On the season premiere of Giuliana and Bill, the couple talks more babies and protecting their home

By Kamala Kirk Apr 02, 2014 4:01 AMTags
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The season premiere of Giuliana & Bill was filled with nonstop action and started off with a bang—literally!

In addition to discussing the possibility of having a second baby with hubby Bill Rancic, Giuliana Rancic also looks into a self-defense course, trains an attack dog and learns how to shoot a gun. She also gets the chance to fulfill a longtime childhood dream...

In case you missed it or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

After the couple asks their surrogate Delphine if she's willing to carry a second baby, Giuliana is on the receiving end of some exciting news: she's been asked to be a guest model on The Price Is Right!

The couple has a serious talk about the lack of safety that Giuliana feels when Bill is out of town for work, so they decide to meet with a professional dog trainer who specializes in guard dogs.

Meet Momo the German Shepherd. How could anyone be scared of that face?

Oh wait, never mind.

After deciding that a guard dog isn't their best option, Giuliana enrolls in a self-defense course and enlists her friend Robbie to join her.

But first, Giuliana insists on demonstrating some of her "ka-ra-te" moves.

Followed by some ninja kicks...

If all else fails, vigorously shake your assailant until they pass out...

It's their first day of self-defense class and Robbie and Giuliana are ready to go. First they learn the basics...

...then they're given cute pink gift bags with stun guns in them!

Giuliana seems a little too excited about her stun gun...

Later on, Bill and Giuliana hit a shooting range to learn how to fire guns as self-defense.

With his suit, Bill looks a lot like James Bond.

Giuliana makes those shooting goggles look pretty stylish...

It's time for Giuliana's guest appearance on The Price Is Right and she can barely contain her excitement.

Some lucky winner gets to go home with this brand new car...

While out for a walk with Duke Rancic, Bill suggests that they put their house up for sale since their Chicago home is almost finished being built.

Then they get the phone call that they've been waiting for: Delphine has agreed to carry their second baby for them!

Giuliana does a little happy dance...

But good news aside, there's still a lot that has to be done. Delphine needs to receive the doctor's approval first, not to mention that the reality of moving to Chicago full-time is closing in.

Is the couple ready to have a second baby? And will Giuliana change her mind about moving to Chicago?

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