How I Met Your Mother

Ron P. Jaffe/Fox

It was the Lost of the sitcom world. The "Who Shot J.R.?" of mysterious TV romances. The Bermuda Triangle of Perfectly Nice Women Who Were Not The Mother.

How I Met Your Mother was also a cavalcade of questions, beer, tangents, inside jokes, more beer and women who were dumb enough to fall for Barney's sex-fueled tricks before he finally settled down. And then he got divorced, and then he fooled around some more before ending up with a baby. And now, it is over. Cue gross, messy sobs.

Since we've had a couple of days to process How I Met Your Mother's emotional and polarizing finale, it's time to go back and check on all of the mysteries we've come to wonder about over the years. Back in September, at the start of the ninth and final season, we created a gallery of unanswered questions that we hoped would be addressed before the final episode. What was the mother's name? Would we see the cockamouse again? Would we ever be treated to another performance by the illustrious Robin Sparkles?

All of these questions and more have been answered in one way or another (kind of), so we've updated our gallery, which will live on in place of the show that was our home every Monday night at 8 p.m. You may be satisfied, you may feel cheated, but either way, you can feel comforted by the memories of MacLaren's Pub will be there for you, when the rain starts to fall and you meet your one true love underneath a yellow umbrella...

Sorry. Never mind. We had an impromptu flashback.

Anyway, feel free to click through and cry, regardless of the reason for your tears. It will all be ok. Plus, you've got How I Met Your Dad to look forward to!

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