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Interview Magazine

While Johnny Depp made headlines when he finally confirmed his engagement to Amber Heard today, it turns out, the 50-year-old actor may not be as excited about his future as he seems.

"It's questionable at best," the handsome thesp told Iggy Pop in a new sit-down with Interview magazine when asked how his future looks. 

So is Depp already taking a dig at his bride-to-be?

Of course not! The Pirates of the Caribbean star was referring to his future in terms of his smoking habit, and it's easy to see why he provided such a grim response (with a laugh, however) when asked how many cigs he smokes in one day.

"I'll bet a thousand," he replied before adding, "I'm working my way up to ten thousand."

Time to kick the habit, Johnny!

The Lone Ranger hottie also opened up about his first job, working as a telemarketer before he became an A-list star.

"I marketed pens—on the phone," he shared. "But the beauty of the gig was that you had to call these strangers and say, 'Hi, how ya doing?' You made up a name, like, 'Hey, it's Edward Quartermaine from California. You're eligible to receive this grand­father clock or a trip to Tahiti.' You promise them all these things if they buy a gross of pens. It was just awful. But I actually think that was the first experience I had with acting."

And when it comes to acting, Depp hasn't grown tired of his current day job.

"I love the idea of changing my look," he said when asked if he enjoys getting dressed up and putting makeup on for the camera. "I think one owes it to the audience, to go out there and give them something different each time, so as not to bore them to death. And I always felt that if you're not trying something different each time out of the gate, you're being safe, and you don't ever want to find that place of safety. I like that, each time, before I even go in front of the cameras, the studio's reaction will be fear."

As for his reaction when Iggy Pop suggests that acting is "grueling, hard work"?

"It is hard work," he admitted. "But certainly I've heard of far worse gigs."

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