Never underestimate the soccer mom.

Welcome back to E! Online's Orphan Black Week! We're proving our devotion as a member of the Clone Club by providing you with new and exclusive content to celebrate the season two premiere. (Pssst! Remember, it's April 19!)

We all know that the incredible gifted actress, Tatiana Maslany is able to transform herself into a myriad of multi-faceted characters, but we've got to be honest about something: We love all of our clones a ridiculous amount, but there's something about the wine-obsessed, suburban starlet, Alison Hendricks, that puts a huge smile on our faces.

We've already filled you in on Sarah's desperation, and Cosima's battle with a fatal illness, and now it's time to check in with our hot glue-gun enthusiast for an exclusive sneak peek of Alison's upcoming "paranoia" and challenges.

Do yourselves a favor and immediately click on the video above for new first look footage from season two!

Orphan Black

BBC America

She's not just "stupid suburban Alison," and now that our mother-of-two has signed Dr. Leekie's clone contract, she's putting all of her newfound positive energy into acting—and giving us some of Orphan Blacks most hilarious scenes!

"The tone of the stuff that we do with Allison has always had a different kind of bent then the rest of the characters," the actress smiled in our exclusive interview above. Seriously, just wait for Alison's opening night, it's a theatrical trainwreck.

However, as Maslany warned, it's not going to be all sunshine and spotlights for Alison this season. "Everything that happened to her last season has completely changed the fabric of her life and there's no way to get it back," she revealed. "But she'll kind of pretend everything is good. She's in a severe amount of paranoia, fear, everything that makes Alison, Alison."

We're continuing with our Orphan Black obsession all week, so keep checking back to E! Online and follow @KristinDSantos on Twitter for your exclusive sneak peeks of all the clone craziness coming up!

The second season of Orphan Black premieres Saturday, April 19 at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

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