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Netflix, our one true love and the one thing that'll never disappoint us, has announced new additions to its streaming service for the month of April. And there are some movies and TV shows coming to Netflix that we should all be very excited about.

The problem is, you might feel overwhelmed by all the new choices. And we sympathize. Nay, we empathize. We get it.

So we've put together a quick guide for the best of the new stuff coming to Netflix, complete with when you should be watching certain films and TV shows. Because when it comes to Netflix, it's all about what mood you're in…

A League of Their Own GIF

Title: A League of Their Own
Watch It When:
Girl power! Or whenever you feel like Marlo Hooch. What a hitter!

House/Wilson GIFs

Title: House, M.D.: The Complete Series
Watch It When:
You feel like revisiting your crush on Hugh Laurie or feel like solving some medical mysteries with Oliva Wilde and Jesse Spencer. Or if you are in a bromantic mood because Wilson and House forever.

Bob's Burgers GIF

Title: Bob's Burgers: Season 3
Watch It When:
You've watched every episode of Archer and Family Guy on Netflix. Or if you just need a good comedy to laugh at.

Mean Girls GIFs

Title: Mean Girls
Watch It When:
You want to watch a movie you can quote backwards and forwards and/or you want to remember Lindsay Lohan when she wasn't a hot mess.

Netflix Movie GIFs

Title: Braveheart
Watch It When:
You need a rousing speech for your weekend touch football team.

Coneheads GIF

Title: Coneheads
Watch It When:
You need your mid-'90s Saturday Night Live fix, because everyone makes a cameo. Or if you want to revisit a time right before SNL starting making films out of every sketch that was remotely successful. Side-eying you, It's Pat: The Movie.

Titanic GIF

Title: Titanic
Watch It When:
Is there ever a bad time to watch Titanic?

Jumanji GIF

Title: Jumanji
Watch It When:
You want to see Kirsten Dunst, circa 1995. Or if you can't remember why you loved that movie so much as a kid.

Lars and the Real Girl GIF

Title: Lars and the Real Girl
Watch It When: Ryan Gosling.
No other motivation needed. (Plus it's a good movie).

Rocky GIF

Title: Rocky I-V
Watch It When:
You need more Sylvester Stallone than you might be able to handle. Or if think the training montages will help you get your ass off the couch. Or if you want to perfect your "I must break you" threat.

Leslie Nielsen GIF

Title: Scary Movie 3
Watch It When:
You want to agree with our bold statement that this is the best one of the Scary Movie franchise, thanks in no small part to Leslie Nielsen, R.I.P. (Yes, we know the above GIF is not from Scary Movie 3, but c'mon! You have to use an Airplane! GIF when you're talking about Leslie Nielsen!)

English Patient GIF

Title: The English Patient
Watch It When:
You have feels


Title: G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Watch It When:
You need an action movie that doesn't make you think too much that also serves as a reminder that Dwayne Johnson is freakin' jacked. Or if you just want Bruce Willis around for some witty one-liners.

Diogo Morgado, The Bible

Joe Alblas/A+E Networks, LLC

Title: The Bible: The Epic Miniseries
Watch It When:
You need to see hot Jesus. No judgment here.

Happy binge-watching, y'all! Personally, we'll be starting with every episode of House.

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