Once Upon A Time


Ready to catch up on all the most OMG moments from this Sunday's episodes of Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, and The Good Wife? Read on! But be warned, there are spoiler ahead…

Once Upon a Time: Dearest Oncers, we are brinigng you this news with the heaviest of hearts. Our beloved Neal, died in tonight's wicked hour of Once Upon a Time and now we're left sobbing. In a flashback to Fairytale Land, we saw Neal determined to completely his quest to resurrect Rumple. Neal opened the Dark One's vault and the evil magic, combined with Zelena's desires to control Rumple, forced the father and son to be magically intertwined.

In current Storybrook, Emma discovered that the father and son were linked and obliged to Neal's final wish: she used her magic to separate the two so that Rumple could help defeat the wicked witch. With Neal's last breaths, he returned her necklace to his one true love and asked Emma to tell Henry that he left this world as a good man. Give us all the tissues!

The Good Wife: After last week's shocking and completely unexpected death, Alicia and the rest of The Good Wife's flawless array of characters were forced to deal with the shocking aftermath. Just in case you happened to miss all of the tear-jerking moments, you can check out our full recap right here. Plus, we've got your exclusive first look at Peter and Alicia's explosive confrontation over Will. Watch it here!

The Walking Dead: Following their tradition of adrenaline-pumping endings, The Walking Dead's season four finale was one jam-packed hour of gory confrontations, bittersweet reunions, and "What the eff just happened?!" moments. Check out our full recap to find out everything that happened in the marauder massacre and the truth about Terminus!

What was your biggest OMG moment on television tonight? Confess and discuss with your fellow TV lovers below!

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