Jude Law Talks "Incredibly Explicit" Nude Scenes in New Film Dom Hemingway—Watch Now!

Actor opens up about stripping down buck naked!

By Brett Malec Mar 28, 2014 11:49 PMTags
Watch: Jude Law Talks "Explicit" Nude Scenes

Jude Law is stripping down buck naked!

In his new movie Dom Hemingway, the 41-year-old actor plays a safecracking mobster who is just released from a 12-year stint in prison for keeping his mouth shut.

For one particular scene, Law had to get nude (and he didn't have a problem acting in his birthday suit one bit!). "Well, like I said before, we hurdled through the whole of this film and I kind of figured that the best way to start was to make sure the crew knew who and what Dom was," Law told E! News exclusively.

Jennifer Cooper, E!

He continued, "So I thought the best way to go was to just start with this crazy opening scene, which is incredibly explicit and I'm naked. I strolled on the set, nothing on and started that particular soliloquy."

Getting straight to the point!

Meanwhile, Law's Dom Hemingway costar Demian Bichir had nothing but nice things to say about Law's charming good looks.

"If I had Jude Law's face, I do anything that I would want," Bichir laughed to E! News. "I would eat the world. This guy is such a fantastic kid, man."

So what did Bichir think or seeing Law nude on set?! Watch the video to find out!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Cooper