Prince Harry, Alexander Skarsgard

Best. Bromance. Ever.

A new clip has been released from the upcoming NBC special Prince Harry's South Pole Heroes, which chronicles the royal's 208-mile journey to the South Pole.

The video features Harry and his Walking With the Wounded teammates as well as Alexander Skarsgård and his Soldiers to Summit (United States of America) trekkers all sitting in a tent chatting together while trying to keep warm and attempting to enjoy one of the packaged meals provided for their expedition.

"So what do we drink with this?" the Swedish stud says as he holds up a bag of food while wearing what appears to be a Santa Claus-style beard to try and keep everyone's spirits up. "We could either go with a nice full-bodied malted milk drink, it goes very well with the cold, or if we want to go crazy and really party then why not mountain fuel?"

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"So your acting career is going well then," the 29-year-old royal jokes as he takes a seat in the tent beside Skarsgård.

"It's blossoming," the 37-year-old True Blood star says with a giant laugh.

Skarsgård then hilariously tries to feed Prince Harry, holding a spoonful for the redheaded royal, who is all too hesitant to accept a bite of the less-than-mouthwatering meal.

"No, no, no, that is cod and potato; I got rid of those a long time ago," Harry says, shaking his finger at Skarsgård.

"Someone said it was your favorite," the actor replies as the group laughs. 

"Don't look at me like that, you almost made me feel guilty," Harry says before stroking Skarsgård's fake beard and adding, "This is nice."

"Thank you," the hottie replies with a smile. 

Three teams—Soldier On (Australia and Canada), Soldiers to Summit (United States of America) and Walking With the Wounded (United Kingdom), which was led by Prince Harry—took part in the charity trek to the South Pole which was completed on Dec 13.

Originally, the American, British and Commonwealth teams were competing against each other, but the expedition director later announced that the event would no longer be a race and the teams would instead be going at their own pace due to weather conditions.

Upon arriving at the South Pole, Prince Harry said he was "so proud, chuffed and privileged" to have been a part of the "amazing accomplishment." 

"Mission success," he added. 

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