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Things got awkward and sweaty on tonight's all new episode of Scandal, while new sparks emerged between a fan favorite couple on The Vampire Diaries. Plus, catch up on the small screen's biggest moments from Grey's Anatomy, Suits, Reign, and more!

Scandal: Too much tongue! Tonight's Scandal kind of made us gag and we still don't really know how to process it. Quinn, on B613's orders, met up with Huck to find out why OPA is digging into things that they obviously shouldn't. It only took about 2.5 seconds for Quinn to lick the side of Huck's face, and then the dysfunctional duo to started slobbering and slurping all over each other. (We think they were making out, but we're not fully sure.) When Quinn came home she was surprised to see that a very overbearing Charlie had decided to move into her place without telling her first. Run, Quinn!

Meanwhile, sh-t hit the fan with the first family as Karen, the first daughter, saw mommy on her knees with "Uncle Andrew" in one of the spare bedrooms. Wowzers! And of course all of this happened in the minutes leading up to a live sit-down interview with the entire family. When Fitz found out, we saw that the POTUS wasn't really mad, he was mostly just hurt and confused. For the past ten years, he and Mellie have not tapped into the intimate side of their relationship because Mellie claimed that childbirth "changed her." In the heat of the moment, Mellie was thisclose to revealing that the reason she never wanted sex was because her father-in-law forced himself on her, but she didn't. 

Reign: Surprise! Kenna and Bash got married! King Henry fully embraced his crazy antics on tonight's episode of Reign and he forced his mistress to marry his son, despite the fact that Kenna was crying throughout the entire ceremony. Meanwhile, the entire castle found out about Greer and Leith, so to side step the humiliation, Greer agreed to marry the surprisingly sweet Lord Castleroy.

Parenthood: Mark—aka the former Parenthood star that we all desperately miss on our TV screens—returned tonight! So what did he want from Sarah? Another chance? One last night together? His CD collection? Well the answer was D) None of the Above. Turns out, Mark is now engaged and he wanted to be the one who told Sarah before she heard it from somewhere else. 

Suits: On tonight's all-new installment of the hit drama, Louis had a heart attack in the middle of court! Ouch. Not to worry, he's okay. However, our strong-willed lawyer managed to try and a make the best of a bad situation when he popped the question to his girlfriend Sheila. But before they popped the champagne, Sheila and Lois realized they both have very different desires when it comes to kids (she doesn't want any.) Looks like the engagement is already off!

The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries: It was quite a lovely episode for all the Steroline shippers out there! After Caroline and Enzo found Tom, Stefan's equally handsome doppelganger, the former Miss Mystic Falls was ready to let the EMT live a long and happy life, but Enzo stuck with the plan and snapped his neck. Aww, man! Caroline reunited with her SHBFF (super hot best friend forever) and the two of them cuddled in a mini van while the Travelers performed a mega-mass suicide. (It was a lot more romantic then it sounds, we swear!)

The Travelers used their intensely wicked powers and multiple murders to bring back their leader, Markos, through Bonnie from the other side. Meanwhile, Jeremy decided to move out of Casa Salvatore and into Matt and Tyler's place. BRB, we're about to by the house next door. And Elena? Liv tried to kill her! It turns out that Live and Luke are part of a group of witches and they are looking to stir up some serious trouble!

SCOOP: The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev dishes on Delena's "weird" dynamic!


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Grey's Anatomy: It's a Cristina-centric episode and it's just as dark and twisty as one could hope to see in a what-if hour starring Ms. Yang. Cristina performed a medical miracle on a patient (yay!) however, the man, Jason, will now live the life Cristina just saved as a quadriplegic. As we await to see what the patient will decide to do with the rest of his life (stay alive or pull the plug), Cristina imagines two very surreal and very different lives she could lead.

If Jason decided to die, Cristina would have professed her love to Owen, got married, moved in together and adopted a puppy before ultimately popping out babies. Seems like a pretty sweet life until you see that work-obsessed Cristina has missed out on Harper Avery Award. However, if Jason had chosen to live, Cristina and Owen would have become regular hook-up buddies but ultimately a toxic combination. Hey, at least Cristina would have won her fourth consecutive Harper Avery Award!

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