Now this is what happens when E! News hosts stop being nice—and start being real.

The always very professional Giuliana Rancic called Jason Kennedy out on Thursday's show over some very childish behavior he engaged in while shooting E! News yesterday and, of course, she was looking to do a little public shaming in return.

"Just so you know, we caught all this on camera," Terrence Jenkins promised as they cut to the clip.

Flash to Giuliana during a break, getting into the zone, humming what was definitely the chorus of New Kids On The Block's "The Right Stuff." And apparently the entire time, Jason was bugging her off to the side, purposely trying to distract her, as longtime pals and colleagues presumably like doing to each other all the time.

Then, just as the camera was about to start rolling again, Giuliana shoots him a look, flips Jason the double bird, and mouths, "shut the f--k up."

Totally unswayed, Jason continues to wave his hand in front of her face and try to get her to mess up. 

Which results in yet another double bird from Giuliana.

"Wait, wait, wait! You weren't supposed to see that first part!" she insisted as the show cut back to today.

"You have a young son, you're flipping me off..." Jason chided her.

Giuliana Rancic

E! Entertainment

Yeah, she did!

"Here's the story," Giuliana explained. "Sometimes in between breaks we do voiceovers to the camera. Now that's not televised, it's just voiceover. But Jason here, you were trying to get me to bust, to mess up, and so you know, I'm sitting here in my zone, singing..."

You must watch and enjoy.

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