Bill Cosby is quite the extreme sports daredevil. Well, Tonight Show-style.

The comedy legend proved he is down for just about anything when he performed a highly entertaining "tightrope walk" on the late-night program Wednesday.

"We wanted to keep the kind of theme going with the show, this extreme sports, and wanted to make a big event out of this, so we've convinced Mr. Bill Cosby here, Dr. Cosby, to tightrope," Jimmy Fallon said, referring to the 76-year-old.

The "rope" was nothing more than a piece of tape on the studio floor and the late night host insisted that this amazing feat "has never been done before."

The Cosby Show star couldn't help but ponder why people would do such a thing, like walk across Niagara Falls, for example.

Bill Cosby, Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show

Nathaniel Chadwick/NBC

"Is there a pole? I'll show you what I mean," Cosby asked.

Enter the long cylindrical piece of metal.

"First of all, this is what you see the person with," Cosby explained. "I'm not saying they're phonies. I'm saying, I don't understand why in life, with all the jobs people have, you would want to now, have a falls beneath you, which to your death," he said passionately.

Cosby set the scene for the risky endeavor: "Wind is blowing, birds laughing at him and fish talking to each other."

Bill Cosby, Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show

Nathaniel Chadwick/NBC

After only one step, Cosby "fell off" the rope and proved just how difficult it is for these walkers. But that didn't stop Fallon from jumping on his back and covering Cosby's eyes as he tried to "teeter" down the difficult rope.

Maybe this funny pair will take a roa dtrip to cheer on tightrope superstar Nik Wallenda during his next walk.

(E! and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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