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A double elimination went down on Survivor: Cagayan after one of the castaways decided to quite the show, while Slade made his first major move in his plan to ruin Oliver's life on Arrow. Plus, the competition is finally starting to get serious on American Idol and a shocking wedding was held on Nashville. Warning, spoilers on Wednesday's shows ahead!

Survivor: Cagayan: Man, this season is entertaining, no? After getting into a fight with Trish and some of the other castaways, Lindsey quit the game, fearing she would "flip out" and physically harm Trish. The Solana tribe? Not too sad to see her go.

But Lindsey wasn't the only contestant who exited in episode five as the Aparri tribe was forced to vote out one of their own after losing the challenge. The ousted teammember? Alexis.

Nashville: Congratulations are in order for Will and Layla. That's right, everyone's favorite closeted country star married Layla in tonight's episode, just one week after proposing. Even more surprising? BFF/roomie Gunnar going along with it, after realizing how coming out would impact his career when Jeff, the head of Edgehill Records, grilled him about Will's sexual preferences.

American Idol: Finally, the competition is starting to heat up! Not only did resident rocker Caleb Johnson deliver a standing ovation-earning rendition of Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused," but Jena Irene's closing performance of "Bring Me to Life" was equally as awesome. Plus, Malaya Watson continued her streak of good performances with "The Long and Winding Road" and Alex Preston cemented his frontrunner status with his take on No Doubt's "Don't Speak."

Alas, they can't all be winners, so our prediction for the contestant leaving tomorrow night? C.J. Harris.

Arrow, Manu Bennett

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Arrow: Your move, Oliver. Tonight's episode, which focused on the Huntress' return to Starling City to finally kill her father (in the end, he was gunned down by someone else, while Helena found herself behind bars), ended with a major cliffhanger as Thea, Oliver's little sister, unknowingly entered the lion's den: she got into Slade's car. So not only did Roy cheat on her in order to make her dump him, but she's also now in the clutches of Oliver's arch-nemesis. Rough day, girl.

P.S. Anyone else love that Oliver called Roy "Speedy," a nod to the comics? EP Marc Guggenheim recently spilled, "The reason we did it was we want to keep inching Roy towards an Arsenal place." Feel free to geek out at any time, people!

What did you watch on Wednesday night? Sound off in the comments!

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