Coco is typically strutting around in barely-there string bikinis and flaunting her curvaceous figure for all to see.

So it shocked everyone when she went in disguise on an upcoming episode of Celebrities Undercover.

Fully dressed (yes, we said fully!) in a red tracksuit, Coco is seen presenting how to model for a photo shoot in front of several ladies.

Little do they know that Coco is actually giving them tips on how to pose for the camera!

Coco's hubby, Ice-T, is behind the studio watching the entire thing go down—and of course, he can't help but laugh at his wife's new look.

Celebrities Undercover


The bubbly blonde also sported a darker wig, heavy makeup (hello, lip liner!) and a nose ring to further throw off the people on set of the pretend shoot.

And as if that wasn't enough to trick everyone, the reality star faked a British(-ish) accent to mask her normal speaking voice.

"I've got tits and I've got ass and I'm the real Coco!" she said as she revealed her true identity to the studio.

Just as she threw off her red jacket, an overly excited model rushed towards her to give her a hug.

"I love Coco so much I've modeled my career after her. I transformed my body to look exactly like hers," the fan told the cameras.

Sounds like she was completely caught off guard by her idol!

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