Johnny Weir, Victor Voronov

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Johnny Weir is firing back at Victor Voronov!

As the former couple's divorce drama rages on, the Olympic skater is blasting his ex and saying Voronov is only "trying to destroy" him with "untrue" claims.

In documents filed on behalf of Weir yesterday, Weir claims Voronov took his personal property from their home. The luxury items Weir wants back from his ex include "a Faberge egg, a Louis Vuitton trunk (and all of its contents), luggage, a Louis Vuitton jewelry case with all the jewelry missing, a Hermes ashtray and my Lexus truck key."

Weir also admits he did take his own personal belongings from their home, but the value of items was nowhere near what Voronov claims. Weir says he only owns 9 Balenciaga bags (not 40) and has just 10 furs (not 20) and four Chanel purses. Additionally, the sable fur he owns cost $3,000 and not $125,000, as Voronov claimed.

In more serious allegations, Weir says he took their dog Tëma under his possession after the divorce filing because he's witnessed Voronov hit the pooch in the past. "The most critical part of this application is my request to retain my dog," Weir states. "Once again, the Defendant is not being truthful with the court. I did not give Tëma to the Defendant as a gift. He is my dog."

Weir goes on of Voronov, "I have seen him strike the dog with force on occasion when we were married," adding that in one incident, Voronov trapped Tëma in a bag as the dog cried and tried to get out.

All in all, Weir wants all his personal property back, hopes to keep his dog Tëma and accuses Voronov of only wanting a "large payday" from him.

"It was my desire to resolve this short term marriage with dignity—quickly and quietly—behind closed door," Weir states. "The Defendant and ‘his team' on the other hand, have other idea and they have carried through on these threats."

Weir initially filed for divorce from Voronov, his husband of two years, in February.

UPDATE: Voronov's crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, later told us that the hearing judge determined that her client and Weir should share custody of the dog, and ordered Weir to cover Voronov's legal bills and cost of living (rent, car, insurance and $1,000 per month) until their divorce trial. Feldman said that Weir was directed to sell a Fabergé egg and some furs and rings to pay his and Voronov's legal fees. 

"I think people need to look at the civil rights issue and this judge treated this case very fairly so far and as she would any other divorce case," Feldman said. "Especially one where one person assumed a traditional role and supported the other by being the stay-at-home support person. "

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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