Alyson Hannigan: How I Met Your Mother Finale Made Everyone Cry—Watch Now!

Actress reveals to Jimmy Kimmel that she "definitely" was most emotional when filming wrapped

By Rebecca Macatee Mar 26, 2014 4:46 PMTags

If you're upset about the end of How I Met Your Mother, just think how everyone on the show feels!

Alyson Hannigan admits she "definitely" cried the most once filming wrapped on the finale. But, as she revealed on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, almost everyone in the HIMYM family shed some tears when they said their goodbyes.

"Ninety-nine percent of the room was crying. That's executives and everything," said the 40-year-old actress, who has played Lily Aldrin for all nine seasons of the CBS show. "I killed a lot of trees with my crying!"

"We all do love each other so much," she said. "We were laughing and crying—it's not a sad show—but it's very lovely."

But the mom of two says she "really did my grieving during the last episode" because she "sort of knew" she wouldn't be seeing her work pals as much.

Jimmy asked Alyson if Monday's finale has "a surprise ending," but she wouldn't give too much away. "I think the writers really wrapped it up the way the fans wanted it to be wrapped up," she said coyly, "and they're going to answer all the million questions that everybody has. And more."

Sounds like it's gonna be legendary.