The Good Wife's Josh Charles Gave a Famous Fan Phone Therapy and We Can't Stop Laugh-Crying: "Next Week Is Worse!"

Exclusive: Parks and Recreation star reveals why she is dreading the next episode

By Kristin Dos Santos Mar 26, 2014 12:00 PMTags
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Quick, somebody, ship a giant case of vodka to Retta's house!

The fan-favorite Parks and Recreation star (and one of our favorite Good Wife-loving human beings), received what every Will Gardner fan would kill for on Tuesday night: A personal call from Josh Charles himself, to help talk her through her grief.

If you aren't caught up on The Good Wife and still don't know what happened in Sunday's shocking episode, how's the atmosphere up there on the moon? Also, STOP READING!

Yes, Josh Charles, proving he is the perfect human being—except for that whole part where he left our favorite show and made us question our very reason for living—heard that Retta (who plays the hilarious Donna on Parks) was watching Sunday's deeeeeevastating episode of TGW, and rang her up to make sure she was OK. But um, he may have done more damage than good.

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Retta tells E! News exclusively: "Someone had DM'd Josh telling him he should get on Twitter because I was tweeting the last episode. He said he'd been concerned for me to watch the episode knowing how much I love the show and how I was so invested in it. He's seen me lose my sh*t before over the follies of Willicia. After watching my tweets he called to say he was concerned. He basically trying to console me cuz he knew I was a wreck."

So sweet, right?! But ultimately, what Josh told Retta has put the poor "Willicia" shipper in yet another tailspin. "I had already poured myself a cocktail so I was well on my way to a post courtroom massacre buzz," Retta explains. "I thought I'd feel better, but then he said next week's episode is going to be worse, so I'm gonna need to pick up more vodka before Sunday. If the promo is ANY indication I may need some recommendations for a good shrink in the Hollywood area."

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Retta, if/when you find one, can you alert the millions of fellow Good Wife fans who have been reduced to barely-functioning human beings this week? (Case in point: This story is being written at midnight beacuse why not when you have an acute case of TGW-induced insomnia that has lasted THREE DAYS?)

After the kind (we'll go with kind--his intentions were good) phone call, Josh tweeted out this cuteness: "I just got off the phone with @unfoRETTAble. She's calm and stable, but everyone please keep an eye out on her as she's one of my favorites!"

Only remaining question: Retta, is there room on your couch for your former downstairs neighbor (true story) with a Costco membership that can buy enough vodka for a Will Gardner-grieving army? Name the time on Sunday and I'm there, ready to ugly cry in the fetal position.

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