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New Girl threw fans for a loop when Nick and Jess made a sudden and unexpected change to their relationship status, while Brooklyn Nine-Nine put Peralta on a dangerous new mission.

Plus, we got all the best moments from Justified, The Voice, Supernatural, the Line of the Night and more! But be warned… There are spoilers ahead!

The Voice: And the Battle Rounds continue! Once again we saw that the competition on this season of The Voice is beyond fierce and no one is going home without a fight. Over on Team Blake, Kaleigh Glanton knocked out Noah Lis with their playful duet of Michael Buble's "Everything," while Sam Behymer defeated Cary Laine on Team Adam with Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love." As for the epic steal of the night? Usher successfully stole Cierra Mickens when Emily B was asked to stay on Team Shakira after singing Sarah Bareilles' "Brave." 

New Girl: Tonight's episode started off like any other: with an amazingly epic game of True American! Fast-forward to the next morning, Schmidt, Coach and Winston, all competed for the affections of their hot new neighbor. Cece struggled to make up for all of the drunken texts she sent the night before. And Nick and Jess battled with their fierce hangovers to make it to a birthday party.

However, when our favorite loft couple started talking about their plans for the future, they quickly noticed that they both want to lead extremely different lives. (Not to mention the fact that they fight with each other constantly!) By the end of the episode, Nick and Jess came to the heartbreaking realization that the only thing that they have in common is the fact that they love each other. Unfortunately, love was not enough to save their relationship, and they decided to break up. Noooo!

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Supernatural: Ladies and gentlemen, our very own Misha Collins directed tonight's episode of Supernatural. (Cue the applause and the pie!) For exclusive secrets on Collins' directorial debut and what's coming up for Castiel's return, check out our prank-filled preview! As for tonight's episode, Crowley put Dean through a rigorous test to see if he would be loyal to the King of Hell and (gulp!) he passed. Looks like Crowley has something particularly sneaky up his sleeves for Dean in next week's hour. Meanwhile, fans discovered that Abaddon has been forcibly stealing souls without the consent of anyone, and creating an army of demons in an effort to over-through Crowley's reign. Yikes!

Justified: The most-jawdropping moment on tonight's FX drama came to us courtesy of Harlan finest outlaw, Boyd. He created a… wait for it… cigarette bomb! It was completely unexpected and creative as all heck! "I may not know a lot about a lot of things, but I do know how to blow shit up," Boyd smugly revealed. That you do, Boyd. That you do. 

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Let's cut to the chase: In tonight's season finale, Peralta was fired from the Brooklyn Nine-Nine police department! Now before you start to freak out, let us explain. Peralta was investigating community leader Lucas Wint on suspicions of money laundering and drug distribution, but just as he was about to provide his evidence to the board, Captain Holt asked Peralta to trust him and do whatever it took to get himself fired. (There was lots of screaming involved, and it was amazing.)

It turns out, the FBI was already working on a case involving Lucas Wint and now that Peralta was successfully fired, they want him to go undercover for six months and help stop one of the largest mob families in Brooklyn. In other news, Peralta confessed his feelings to Santiago before leaving for his new FBI gig and Boyle's fiancé called off their wedding. Boyle once again had his sights set on Diaz but after a night of heavy drinking, he woke up in bed with… Gina!

Line of the Night: "Eyes closed, head first, can't lose!" Oh, Peralta. Even when you mess up one of the most amazing lines in TV's history, we can't help but smile.

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