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After a week's intermission, it's time for the second act!

Tonight, the second part of Glee's 100th episode celebration graced our TV screens and we've got to admit, we had to reach for the tissues once or twice! Members of the New Directions, both old and new, continued to say their goodbyes to the choir room, and prepared for their character's next chapter on Glee. We've recapped the episode's best moments, couple updates and a fun-filled rundown of 100th episode superlatives.

So here's what you missed on Glee

Santana and Brittany: Over in the choir room, Brittany was waiting for her lady love with dozens and dozens of white calla lilies—aka the "lesbians of flowers." In just matter of minutes, Brittany helped Santana remember that she never wanted to be a Broadway star. She was only going after Rachel's part in Funny Girl as a fast-track to stardom. So after some sweet lady kisses, and arranging for Brittany to receive her high school diploma, Santana and Brittany decided to run away with each other to Hawaii and celebrate their rekindled romance. As of now, the plan is that the two of them will we return to NYC after their tropical vacay. 

Tina: Miss Tina Cohen-Chang got into Brown at the last second, and will not be joining Blaine, (who got into NYADA,) Artie and Sam in NYC. However, prior to the good news, Tina once again experienced one of her classic, over-the-top delusions, in which she starred in a Friends-esque sitcom called Chums. It was completely random, yet kind of adorable, and Tina looked fab with "The Rachel" haircut.

Kurt and Blaine: Although nothing earth-shattering happened to our engaged couple in tonight's hour, we did get a brief, yet truly heart-warning glance at their future plans. Klaine revealed that they will have two children together (Tracy and Hepburn) using a surrogate. And in an adorable surprise, Quinn revealed, with a big smile in Will's tribute video, that she is the beauty who will provide their eggs. Squee!



Quinn and Puck: After last week's declaration of love, a newly rekindled Quick performed a super sweet duet in front of everyone in the choir room. They then explained that they have officially decided to date—something that they have never done before. Quinn smiled and revealed, "I think I love you, Puck," and that she's ready to make their long-distance relationship work.

Rachel: After Santana turned down Rachel's "Funny Girl" peace offering (10 shows of her choice any time after the first three months) Rachel went into overdrive Broadway preparation out of fear that Santana was going to "showgirl her" out of the show. However, after Brittany's pep talk, Santana pulled out of the show, and the two girls mended their friendship in the choir room over a light-hearted duet of Oh, Honey's "Be Okay."

The Newbies: Marley, Ryder, Jake, Kitty and Unique each only uttered about one line each in tonight's episode as they cleaned up the last bit of the choir room before graduation. They ended their time together with a final group hug and their fates at McKinley are still TBD.

Will: After admitting defeat and coming to the realization that the glee club is officially over, Will received an anonymous invitation to the auditorium. The entire glee club came together to create a video message for Will's unborn child about how cool and life-changing his/her dad has been to each and every one of them. They all then took the stage to sing their signature song: Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'".

At the end of the episode, Sue and Will shared a sweet final scene together and she revealed that she arranged an interview for him to become Vocal Adrenaline's new glee club coach. After a moment of silent reflection, Will bowed and walked out of the empty choir room while some of Glee's most memorable quotes echoed in the air: "Being part of something special makes you special, right?"



Best Performance: Both "Be Okay" and the stripped-down version of "Loser Like Me" were just lovely, however we've got to give this one to "Don't Stop Believin'" solely for the nostalgia aspect.

Best Nostalgia Throwbacks:
- Mercedes' love of tots and the brief reminder that she and Kurt used to be besties.
- Santana's use of the word "wanky!"
- Brittany referencing a season one classic when talking to Will's unborn child: "He does this magic trick where he pulls a suck out of a hat. You should have him show you sometime."

Moments We Really Wished Had Happened:
- Even though we heard Finn's fleeting voice in the choir room, we were honestly hoping that we would get one more Finn reference before glee club's official end.

Final Thoughts: Goodbye, New Directions. Thanks for all the music, memories and one-of-a-kind moments. It'll be really interesting to see where Glee goes from here...

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