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Babies know how to have a good time.

While the rest of us stress about whether we've found the best restaurant in Yelping distance or most up-to-date viral cat video to entertain us, babies keep it simple. Got toes? It's a party. Empty box? Good times. A diaperful of dirt? Bliss.

So while you struggle to keep sane while keeping up with your Twitter, why not take some time to see how the babies do it. We can all learn something from people who think drooling is a deeply rewarding pastime.

Next time life gets rough, look to the infinite wisdom of infants to provide you with the peace of mind that these fun-loving diaper dwellers show every day. They make everything fun. At least until naptime.

Baby Playing with their Feet, Baby Gallery


1. Toes! Remember when toes weren't something you paid to have slathered in polish while you idly checked Facebook and texted dinner plans? This baby does. Because baby toes are the best.

Baby Playing with Paint, Baby Gallery


2. Paint! No, not the flaking lead stuff that makes people sick. We mean the fun kind of paint that doesn't require putting six patches of beige on the kitchen wall while you and your partner argue about which one makes the room pop. Babies know the best canvas is whatever's handy, whether it's a wall, a face or, well, a hand.

Baby Playing with Food, Baby Gallery


3. Carbs! Is that gluten-free pasta? On a strict Paleo diet? Avoiding wheat? Babies know that none of your dietary restrictions matter if you're just planning to wear that bowl of noodles. And if some gets in your mouth, well, so much the better.

Baby Playing with Empty Boxes, Baby Gallery


4. Boxes! Do you get excited when Amazon delivers a box on your front step? Who doesn't? But do you still get excited when that empty box is sitting there ready to be occupied and turned into a racing car/time machine/peekaboo playspace? If so, then you, sir or ma'am, are a baby.

Baby Playing with Saliva Bubbles, Baby Gallery


5. Spit! It's not just a verb, people. And babies know that the noun form of the wet stuff, also known to parents as "saliva," is good for hours of fun.

Baby Playing with Mud, Baby Gallery


6. Dirt! Not compost, not topsoil, not ground cover. Dirt. The brown stuff you find on the ground. It's perfect for eating, throwing, sitting and just about any other combination of those things you care to try. Also, babies know that dirt pairs well with hose water.

Baby Playing with Bubbles, Baby Gallery


7. Bubbles! Dish soap floating in the air?! Way more fun than doing dishes, that's for sure!

Baby Playing with Laundry Basket, Baby Gallery


8. Hampers! Does dirty laundry get you down? Then be like a baby and let your spouse/partner/roommate/mom deal with the pile of dirty clothes while you play with the laundry basket. Babies are so smart.

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Baby Playing with Mirror, Baby Gallery


9. Mirrors! Long before mirrors became the realm of shirtless selfie set-ups, it was a place to see yourself. And who's better to see than a baby? No one!

Baby Playing with Keys, Baby Gallery


10. Keys! Keys are no fun, really. Unless you are a baby. They love shaking them, sucking on them and throwing them on the floor. So the next time you have to ask your pal Dave to hand over his car keys after a night out at the bar, just get a baby to do it.

Baby Playing with Soap, Baby Gallery


11. Soap! Grown-ups think baths are luxurious. OK, but babies know that there is nothing more entertaining than making and wearing a beard of bubbles. And what is almost as entertaining, according to babies? Peeing in the bath.

Baby Playing with Weird Toys, Baby Gallery


12. Blocks! OK, blocks are not fun at all unless you're playing Minecraft, but babies somehow make this low-tech, educational cubes into a good time. And for that babies, we salute you.

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