Heidi Klum


Having a cheeseburger in paradise is great, but Heidi Klum knows French fries are the best oceanside indulgence!

The 40-year-old mom of four hit the beach of the Bahamas' Paradise Island Sunday, sizzling in a tiny black bikini as she snacked on a delicious, crispy-looking fry. Clearly the Project Runway host giving in to a junk food craving isn't getting in the way of her hot bod, which looked as toned, taut and supermodel-esque as ever!

Of course, Heidi doesn't look like that by eating fries all the time. The German-born beauty kicked off 2014 with the Master Cleanse, sharing inspiring pictures of her all-liquid diet on social media. After five days on the detoxifying cleanse, she was back to solid food, showing off a plate of three hard-boiled eggs, juicy tomato slices and fresh avocados.

Clearly, it's all about striking a balance.

"The metabolism definitely changes when you turn 40," she said in an interview with the March 2014 issue of Women's Health. "I always thought, That's not going to happen to me, but it is happening to me...If I indulge more, I have to exercise more. I figured out what works for me."

And, not surprisingly, Heidi's never really dealt with any sort of body insecurities. "Me? I've always felt great about my body," she said. "I've always been very confident, and I still am."

Rightfully so!

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