Kourtney Kardashian on Recycling Son Mason's Clothes for Daughter Penelope and Whether Having a Kids' Line Makes Her Want More Kids

"It's different dressing them both, but I love when Penelope wears Mason's pajamas, those pieces that are so special that are so nice to share," E! star told us at NYC's Soho House

By Natalie Finn, Jennifer Cooper Mar 25, 2014 1:55 AMTags
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Like father, like son in Kourtney Kardashian's house.

While talking up the new Kardashian Kids collection at NYC's Soho House, the mother of two revealed to E! News today that 4-year-old son Mason "defiantly has an opinion on what he wants to wear. He gets himself dressed every day and likes to come out and show us his outfit and we are not allowed to have a say.

"Sometimes I will try to sway him one way if we have to go to a bday party or occasion but every day he can choose even if its mismatched."

Considering how Mason's dad, Scott Disick, is ultra-particular about fashion (remember the Lord's cane-carrying days?), his son's penchant for clothing isn't surprising.

Scott "had more of a say  when we would dress Mason over Penelope," Kourtney recalled. "We link up on the same taste 'cause I would dress Mason with things that Scott was into at the time."  

But it turns out that many of mom and dad's choices for Mason are still being put to good use.

"I think that my style is similar 'cause I do the same with both kids," Kourtney said. "I am always trying to evolve, so I like to read parenting books and things like that. I even kept some of Mason's clothes, like little blazers, and I use them on Penelope. Even a full-suit menswear moment and do a St. Laurent look for Penelope.

"It's different dressing them both, but I love when Penelope wears Mason's pajamas, those pieces that are so special that are so nice to share."

Speaking of sharing, Kim Kardashian—who according to Kourtney has become much more particular about designing kids' clothes since becoming a mom herself—has said that baby daughter North West has worn lots of little outfits that once belonged to cousin Penelope.

Asked about what in the new Kardashian for Kids collection might suit both little girls, Kourtney pointed out a butterfly-print outfit that she would love to see her own daughter in, as well as a white onesie with silver star prints for her 9-month-old niece.

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"Thats my favorite piece," she said of the butterfly outfit. "I just love it and love that style on her. I also like that it is two pieces and you can separate them and put them with different items also. For North, Kim loves really neutral stuff, so the white outfit with the stars is really sweet. I can also see North in lace pants and a cute zip-up jacket."

Like mother, like daughter!

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"I am so into pastels, as you can tell and I am so over the color black by the time spring comes around. I love floral prints for little girls and I love mixing prints, and that's a trend."

But while Kourtney has loved branching out into kids' clothing, has all this time spent around baby clothes made her consider bringing yet another baby into the family?

"I am so busy now, I don't know," she admitted. "It's in God's hands! I always love little clothes. I think they are the cutest  things in the world. It makes me sad when [kids] get bigger."

Her advice for fellow super-busy mothers such as herself is "just to be present and just be in the moment as much as you can."

As for herself, Kourtney knows that the key is to set boundaries between home and work.

"I usually have a no-weekend work rule where I won't do anything except stay at home and be with the family," she said. "Set my boundaries and know that [the kids] are my priority."

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