Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd crack themselves up.

In an exclusive bloopers clip obtained by E! News, the two funnymen were caught busting out laughing while trying to film a scene for Anchorman: The Legend Continues. As their characters Ron Burgundy and Brian Fantana, the two news anchors begin a conversation about—wait for it—breast implants.

Ron tells Brian that he came aross an article that talks about fake boobs being filled with taco meat. Brian (Rudd) was about to discuss this phenomena, but instead, he started laughing.

Being the pro that he is, however, Rudd pulled himself together and added that, "They are still testing with all sorts of material."

Like what, you ask? Pudding, whipped cream, tuna fish—cue the laughter once again—and nickels "for the heavier breast."

You can't blame 'em, Ferrell and Rudd and hilarious! And it's even more funny to see the two stars crack up at their own jokes. Luckily, fans can experience this and more bloopers from the popular sequel when it releases to Blu-Ray and DVD on April 1.

Ron Burgundy and the news team returned to theaters for one week only with another (raunchier) version of the flick that features brand-new jokes—763 brand-new jokes, to be exact (although it seems like Ferrell may have lost track of the number). In late February, the rerelease, officially called Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: Super-Sized R-Rated Version (the original film was rated PG-13), played in 1000 theaters.

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