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How I Met Your Mother finally gave us the walk down the aisle we've been building towards all season as the penultimate episode of the series centered on Barney and Robin's wedding, while The Blacklist continued to shine a light on Tom's dark side, but did Liz finally learn the truth? Plus, two ABC Family dramas signed off for the season and Bones celebrated a big birthday. Warning, spoilers on Monday night's shows ahead!

The Voice: There's only one steal left after tonight's episode, which featured three major steals. After Shakira chose to keep Deja Hall over Music Box in the NBC hit's third battle round episode, Usher swept in to rescue Music Box. Blake Shelton later stole Tess Boyer from Usher when he picked Bria Kelly as the winner. And finally, it all came full-circle when Shakira stole Josh Murley from Adam Levine, who kept Dawn & Hawkes.

Ah, don't you just love the battle rounds?!

How I Met Your Mother: "It was legendary." That was how Future Ted described Barney and Robin's long-awaited wedding in the CBS sitcom's penultimate episode. Yes, Barney and Robin finally said "I do," though it was a rocky road to the altar, after the bride considered bolting after Barney gave her the locket, which she knew Ted had actually found. She even told Ted, "Maybe I should be marrying you." Yikes! Fortunately, Ted said  that Barney was her "future" and the Mother was also there to help reassure the nervous bride of her relationship with Barney.

And, of course, Barney came clean about the locket soon after, telling her, "From this day forward, I'm always going to be honest with you, because I love you."

Oh, and guess what finally happened? Marshall delivered the final slap as a wedding gift, thus ending the epic slap bet. Raise your hand if you never thought you'd cry over a slap you weren't on the receiving end of!

The Blacklist

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The Blacklist: "You were right." Liz. Finally Knows. After Red has warned her about her husband Tom from the very beginning, Liz realized that she doesn't truly know the man she's married to at all. Following Jolene's death last week (courtesy of Tom, of course), Liz found Tom's secret lair...where a blue hippo gave away his is secret identity. You see, Liz gave him that toy, so as soon as she saw it, she knew he was the assassin (who literally knocked her out earlier in the episode. Cold-blooded, dude!). Yes, a blue hippo took down one of the world's most dangerous men.

And adding fuel to the Red-is-totally-Liz's-father fire, the two shared quite the touching moment at the end of the episode, with Red comforting Lizzie and assuring her she will be OK. He also gave her a Sorrento music box, which happened to play the same song her father used to sing to her as a little girl. Things that make you go hm...

Bones: Happy Birthday, little Christine! Yes, Booth and Brennan's daughter is already a year old and the couple threw her a fun little party. Man, how time flies, no? Soon she'll be heading off to prom and college...but we digress.

Switched at Birth: Yay for Bay and Emmett finally getting back together after admitting they are still in love with each other in the season finale! But boo to Bay cheating on her BF Tank by getting extremely intimate with Emmett in the woods! Like, clothes came off, people. They definitely went all the way, right? Right?! But we're curious to know how fans of the pairing feel about their complicated reunion, given that there will surely be collateral damage next season.

The Fosters: Anyone else have way too many feelings to sort through after the season one finale? Not only did Stef and Lena learn they were pregnant (Yay!), but Callie was thrown a curveball when she learned she and brother Jude don't share the same father, so only he was formally adopted by episode's end. Oh, and we haven't even gotten to the juiciest stuff yet: Brandon, heartbroken over losing Callie, slept with his father's girlfriend, Dani, and found his piano-playing days in danger after his hand was slammed in a car door by Vico. Again: so many feelings!

What did you watch on Monday night? Sound off in the comments!

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