And the confessions just keep on coming!

Last week on The Fosters, fans were shocked to discover that Brandon (David Lambert) has officially taken a turn for the destructive. Not only did he confess to framing Callie (Maia Mitchell) for underage alcohol distribution, Brandon claimed that his actions were fueled by the fact that his foster sister has refused his romantic intentions. Hell hath no fury like a brother scorned.

The penultimate episode ended with Brandon in the back of a cop car with Stef (Teri Polo) and Mike (Danny Nucci) and divulging to them all of the secrets that he has kept for the past 21 episodes. Tonight, the season one finale of The Fosters picks up right where we left off, and we've got your exclusive first look!

The Fosters, David Lambert


Brandon revealed to Stef and his dad that he bought the fake IDs and alcohol because he needed to pay his dad back for the piano lessons, as the money for the lessons went to pay off Anna so she would change her testimony and not go to trial.

"I gave the money to Anna so she would change her story," Brandon explains. Real world translation: Brandon bribed Anna. Yikes!

Take a look at the exclusive sneak peek above to find out if Stef will help cover up her son's illegal actions, or turn him in for his federal offense.

The Fosters' season one finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC Family!

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