The Good Wife


No, we're not OK.

Don't even bother asking us how we're doing 'cause we will probably not be anywhere near OK anytime soon. Why? Because The Good Wife decided to pull our heart out of our chest and stomp on it. Sure, we're being dramatic, but it's nothing compared to the drama the CBS hit brought on Sunday night when it killed off (major spoiler alert!) fan favorite Will Gardner, played by Josh Charles.

Yes, Will is dead, as is the dream of a happy ending for Will and Alicia (Julianna Margulies), one of TV's most beloved pairings. And judging from the immediate reaction to the episode on social media, it's safe to say people will be talking about Will's shocking death for some time to come...

Gunned down by one of his clients in court (sorry, Hunter Parrish, but we're breaking up with you as our fictional BF), fans were left speechless as Will Gardner, the show's male lead, died. Alicia? Well, we've yet to see her hear the devastating news, but it was hard enough watching a helpless Diane (Christine Baranski) and Kalinda (Archie Panjabirush to Will's side, so we're already attempting to emotionally prepare for the fallout ahead.

But was Charles' exit more shocking than another major leading man's recent exit: Homeland's Damian Lewis? And did The Good Wife top Teen Wolf's recent killing? 

So how does Will's death rank amongst TV's most recent shocking kills? Find out by clicking through our gallery of the 20 most shocking deaths in recent TV history. Cue up the Sarah McLachlan sad music and prepare to feel some things...

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