Tara Reid, Twitter


Tara Reid is a big lover of the beach. And the sand.

The 38-year-old shared a bunch of snapshots on her Twitter account on Friday and documented her sunny fun-filled day.

The actress flaunted her slim figure in a skimpy white bikini as she soaked up the sunshine with her Charlie Farm's co-star Allira Jaques.

"I love you!" she captioned one photograph as she appropriately posed next to the same etched out phrase.

In another photograph, Reid ditched a towel and spread out directly on top of a heart shape in the granular material of rocks and mineral particles.

"I have never felt so happy in my life! Thank you @," she added.

The blond beauty declared that she had become "best friends" with the sand and they "started talking to each other." She also could not help but gush that "life is good" during her memorable day.

Reid, who is starring in Sharknado 2, was on the lookout and prepared for any sharks.

Only invisible sharks here.

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