The Fabulist, June Ambrose

Jennifer Cooper, E!

June Ambrose is one of the most well-known celebrity stylists in the industry, thanks to loyal clients like Jay-Z, Will Smith, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige and more over the years.

When the fashionista visited the set of The Fabulist to share her expert opinions on air, we couldn't help but snag a few moments of her time to get the scoop on some of our favorite stars.

Here's what she shared with us: 

Tell us what it's like working with Jay Z?
Oh man, I have worked with him for 17 years. I worked with him from the beginning of his career...before he was an artist and just as he got signed. I did his first music video ever! What's super special about him is that he empowers people. He is a great collaborator and he has really allowed me to help evolve him.

Do you think Beyoncé and Jay Z influence each other's style?
Both of them have a great eye for each other. If they like something on one another, I think they have an influence. That happens.

What is your favorite Jay Z style moment?
When I styled him for his Carnegie Hall concert! To see a black rapper play a concert at Carnegie Hall is pretty impressive! I think its as poignant as our first black president. I mean, in the world of hip hop I think it's that kind of moment, where you're like 'Holy cow, I can't believe that's happening!' Also another time is "Suit and Tie"because that also kind of changed the face of hip hop when Jay allowed me to put a Double Windsor knot on him. I feel like young men want to be seen a little more cocky, but still indignant because the knot is very indignant. Now his fan base is so broad we can't even identify them anymore and hip hop has become pop culture. Across the board, he was able to raise the bar for one culture and inspire another so that's nice.

How  was it working with Justin Timberlake?
He is just funny! Our first experience was awkward because what I said came out wrong. I always twist my words. Then what ever I said he turned it into something dirty. No one has ever tied my tongue and he has!

The Fabulist, June Ambrose

Jennifer Cooper, E!

What do you think about Pharrell's style and his famous hat?
I am a lid-loving girl but my nine year old was wearing that hat to fashion week months before! I've been a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood for years now. It was exciting to see. I think if anyone can pull it off, it's him. He has such a great language and expression when it comes to fashion and how he interprets it to his own personal style. It's nice to see and refreshing. He can wear lots of things I could not put my other clients in because he is tiny. You look at his little body and you're like, 'Of course he can pull it off!' I also loved that the hat was so massive because as a little person myself, I tend to do things super big, as well.

What is your favorite beauty product for spring?
I love Neutrogena 75 sunscreen because its light and it won't turn you blue like a Smurf!

What are three things every guy needs in his wardrobe?
A staple black tux. Not one that looks rented, just one that's's the best investment you will make. A good white or powder blue fitted shirt that has a nice neck and that is not baggy. A nice pair of day-to-night shoes...not a square toe or super pointy, just an all-year round black or caramel leather shoe that you can where with socks or without socks.

Who would you love to style that you have not?
 I am really focussed on the everyday mom and redefining her again. Look at Gwyneth Paltrow and so many other amazing celebrity moms rocking it out.

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