Pharrell Happy


This is our government werking for us.

Congressman John Lewis of Georgia (the last surviving member of the Civil Rights Movement's Big Six) was recorded dancing to Pharrell Williams' omnipresent hit "Happy" during a belated birthday bash at the office. For the record, Rep. Lewis is 74 years young.

"Ever since Pharrell came out with the song, he's wanted to know, 'Who sings that song? Who sings that song?" chief of staff Michael Collins, says (via USA Today). "He gets into it. The congressman has this incredible spirit. Whenever he hears the song, he's like, 'Turn it up. Turn it up.' Whenever he hears it, he just lights up."

Rep. Lewis isn't alone. Please. There's a new "Happy" viral video on the Internet every day. Heck, there might be a new "Happy" video every hour. No one can get enough "Happy." We all love "Happy." YOU LOVE "HAPPY," RIGHT? WHERE'S YOUR "HAPPY" VIDEO THEN?

Here are a few of our other favorites this week:

We assumed this version of "Happy" by the choir at the Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences elementary school would be the cutest "Happy" covered we would ever see. The kids aren't just great singers, they're great dancers too and, oh yeah, super-adorable.

(Added cuteness: The reason this video was even uploaded to the Internet is because dad Edward Bone was so proud of his daughter Aisha, who had a solo during the performance. Aww!) 

We assumed this would be the cutest version of "Happy." And then we saw...

This version, by The Pet Collective.

Like, how can you compete with this?!

Pet Collective, Happy

The Pet Collective

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