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Scandal turned up the heat in tonight's jam-packed hour, while The Vampire Diaries brought us an entirely new set of supernatural problems. Plus, We've got all the best moments from Grey's AnatomyParks and Recreation, Reign and more. But be warned…there are spoilers ahead!

The Vampire Diaries: Elena was officially back on tonight's first Katherine-less episode, but unfortunately, having your doppelganger take over your brain leaves behind some seriously disturbing side-effects. In addition to Katherine-centric hallucinations, a severe thirst for vampire blood and overly mourning Aaron's death, Elena and Damon officially decided that they are toxic together. But apparently a great sex life will trump any problems, so Delena will continue to put some fun into their dysfunctional relationship, courtesy of steamy breakup sex.

We also discovered that Liv (the new blonde witch that Bonnie has been bugging) has secretly teamed up with her gay brother Luke and the two of them are planning some kind of evil attack. As for Stefan, we've got some big news: there's a third doppelganger! Stefan 3.0 is an EMT in Atlanta and he's apparently the Travelers' key to the vampires-should-stop-eating-other-vampires cure. Caroline and Enzo set off on a mini journey to capture Stefan 3.0, and we're pretty positive some serious sparks are about to fly between these two.

Scandal: No, we're not going to talk about the shocking death right now, we're still too emotionally fragile.  For those looking to mourn, check out our postmortem with the dearly departed cast member.

Leave it to Scandal to give us not one, but two hookups so shocking we were left gasping for air…and also feeling slightly icky after one. After lots of sexual tension, Mellie and Andrew finally gave into their passion and man, did it feel good. Get. It. Girl.

The other steamy hookup? Quinn and Huck. We repeat: Quinn and Huck attacked each other's faces. With their lips. And it was kind of like watching a brother and sister kiss? We're so conflicted…as were the two of them after their romp against the wall…after Huck intended to torture Quinn yet again. Yeah, we  think this is one situation where the Facebook status "It's complicated" is definitely warranted.


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Grey's Anatomy: Looks like the honeymoon is over! Catherine (very rudely, we might add) barged into the hospital and demanded that April sign a post-nup agreement that pretty much dictates the rest of her life and her future children's as well. She and Jackson now have a contract-full of issues that they need to discuss. In happier news, Owen asked Richard to become the new director of the residency program! Richard says he'll "think about it," but we've got a feeling his answer is yes!

Elsewhere, Callie lawyered up in order to fight Derek for control of the sensors that his secret government bosses told him to take away.  But in a happy twist, Derek switched sides, joining forced with Callie and the two of them convinced the Washington higher-ups that the sensors needed to stay at the hospital. Yay team Derlie! And last but not least, Jo agreed to sign HR's "love contract" so that Alex could kiss her whenever he wants to kiss her. How romantic?

Parks and Recreation

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Parks and Recreation: Ann Perkins, that beautiful tropical fish, had her baby! While Leslie spent the majority of tonight's episode celebrating Galentine's Day and obsessively searching for a new BFF&F to fill the Ann-shaped hole in her heart, she eventually realized that April and Donna are amazing friends. Still, we couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed during Ann's short but sweet cameo with newborn baby Oliver. Ann & Leslie forever!

Reign: Attention ladies of France: stay away from the King because he's killing women left and right! After accidentally and hilariously thrusting a girl out the window in last week's episode, Henry began showing some increasingly dark characteristics and dangerous behavior. After forcing Kenna to have sex with a female prostitute, Kenna woke up the next morning to find that the girl had been strangled in her sleep. Now, Kenna had teamed up with Catherine in an effort to stop the King's madness...which could be a sickness.

Mary tried to fix Lola up with a suitor ASAP so that she could pass of her royal pregnancy as her husband's child. Unfortunately, Lola has yet to find a suitor who suits her after her first choice was revealed to be gay. Not to worry! Save the date because there's another Reign wedding headed our way!

What did you watch Thursday night? Sound off in the comments!

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