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Today's edition of Spoiler Chat is packed to the brim with juicy secrets and tantalizing TV tidbits, so let's dig right in! Read on for a smile-worthy update from Glee's Lea Michele on Rachel's friendship with Quinn, shocking revelations from Pretty Little Liars' fifth season, and a game changing surprise headed to Arrow.  

Plus, we're gifting you with exclusive spoilers from some of your favorite shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Psych, How I Met Your Mother and so much more!

Lauren: Since we've been seeing Robin Hood on Once Upon a Time, does this mean that we'll get to see more of Mulan too?
Unfortunately, we will not be seeing our badass Chinese princess anymore this season. However we will be reunited with another fan favorite that we have not seen in a while! Red, aka the most kickass Little Red Riding hood we've ever met, will be returning to our magical drama pretty soon. Fingers crossed we'll get a sweet best friends scene with her and Snow!

Michelle: I still can't get over Pretty Little Liars crazy finale! Can you give us a tease for season five?
Well as you should know by now, our brooding babe, Caleb, will be back in Rosewood by episode five of next season. (Yay!) But, did you know that Caleb might be bringing a few friends along? PLL Executive Producer, Oliver Goldstick exclusively revealed to us that fans will definitely find out what happened to Miranda in Ravenswood. "Yes, we're going to try to be as economic and yet elegant as possible without belaboring because they're not on screen," he said. "But I think, you know, residents of Ravenswood may even come back to Rosewood. In addition to Tyler, you might have some familiar faces crashing in. Not permanently, just time to time, because he did have a world there."

Colin: In desperate need of some spoilers on Arrow! Will anyone else find out Oliver's secret this year? So many people are in the know!
First, let's address this one: how has Det. Lance not caught on yet that his hooded friend is Oliver, who has dated both of his daughters? "Episode 19 pretty definitively answers that question as far as Lance is concerned and I think that the answer will surprise you," executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases, adding that a few more people will learn Oliver's secret by the end of season two.

Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Glee


Katrina: The 100th episode of Glee was amazing because it felt just like something from the earlier seasons! What's coming up in part 2?
As we mentioned in our recap last week, we were really bummed that we did not get to see and Rachel/Quinn interactions, so we caught up with Lea Michele at the 100th episode celebration to find out if Faberry fans are in for a treat this Tuesday. "Well I don't know if Quinn and Rachel have a lot of scenes alone together, but we do go to a disco club together and Dianna [Agron] and I had so much fun. And then a couple times Ryan [Murphy] would say, 'Freestyle!' and I was like, 'Dianna, you had better do it with me!'" The Louder singer laughed. "So we have our little dance moments, but I don't think that Quinn and Rachel have any scenes together that I remember, but everything is really meshed up and starting to blend." We don't blame you, Lea—you lead quite the busy and fabulous life!

Maya: I need to know that Gus lives happily ever after when Psych ends. Can you help?
We can...kind of. Of course, we have no desire to give anything about the glorious finale away, but we do have a few things we can tell you: First, you have not heard your last Gus scream. Second, Shawn's final Gus nickname may bring a tear to your eye. And finally, we asked the man himself, creator Steve Franks, for a way to soothe all the worry, and he kind of came through: "In a normal, regular series, the only time you can really kill someone is in the finale, but I think that we've been incredibly gentle with our fans, throughout the run. ... So if they're worried, my goal isn't to leave anybody feeling down at the end. Ultimately, most of it will all be all right." 

Shania: Any Grey's Anatomy info you care to part with?
While we all know that Isaiah Washington is returning to help complete Sandra Oh's journey on the show, Dr. Preston Burke's reappearance will surprise you, with Dan Bucatinsky (the Scandal star consults on the show) saying  viewers will "be blown away with the manner in which it happens."

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How I Met Your Mother, HIMYM

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Andrew: Spill scoop on the How I Met Your Mother finale, I know you have some!
Ahh you caught us! We recently caught up with Alyson Hannigan and here's what she spilled about HIMYM's highly anticipated finale: "I laughed, I cried, and I was like, 'How are we going to shoot this? I'm going to be a mess!' she laughed. "But it was wonderful, and it was the perfect way to go out, and I'm so grateful that we got a season nine to end the show the way it should be. It deserved this ending." And in case you missed it, here is everything you need to know about the final episodes of How I Met Your Mother!

Vicki: Where oh where has my weekly dose of Aaron Tveit gone? The wait for Graceland is killing me.
They're working on it, trust us! Season 2 will introduce viewers to Sid Markham, the head of the LAPD's Gang Task Force. Sid is strong, dependable and when he first meets Mike, he's extremely helpful—but like many characters in Graceland, first impressions are not necessarily the correct ones.

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