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It's finally spring! Time for people on the East Coast to dust off the light jackets and flip flops and go outside…after watching all your shows. And then obsessively checking the Internet for information on your shows and the new shows you binged over the winter.

Before you go, here's what we've got for you! Scoop on Sleepy Hollow season two (yes, the wait is killing us as well), Revenge season finale spoilers and some dish on some new groovy Mad Men characters showing up later in the season.

Miriam: Sleepy Hollow season two is so far away! Give me something to look forward to!
Another major first for Ichabod, our favorite fish-out-of-water! "Air travel, he'll experience for the first time," executive producer Len Wiseman teases. "Imagine Crane on a plane basically thinking it's a massive truck. It's got wheels, he doesn't really know the thing actually picks up and takes off into the air. That's something he will experience." 

Ellie: I'm addicted to Reign! Give me some scoop!
You think it's crazy right now? Oh, just wait.  "Think about the pace that things are moving at on just an average weekly basis, and then imagine the season finale," Anna Popplewell previews. "It's going be enormous. So yeah, there's plenty to look forward to, and fear and dread and all the rest of it." But can we expect a death. Popplewell teases, "No one is safe in the castle, as you know. There are deaths almost every week, but I couldn't possibly say who will or won't survive."

Mad Men

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Gregory: I'm both excited and nervous about Mad Men going all Austin Powers on us. The images and teasers have literally given me nothing to go on. Help?
Yeah, baby, yeah! How about a little scoop on some new characters you'll meet (eventually)? Get ready to say hello to Diana, a housewife and mother who's more on the wholesome side. Some other new names popping up: Dennis Ford, Will Scully and Ferg Donnelly.

Gayle: Revenge, please and thank youuuuu.
The season finale, titled "Execution," will see one of your favorites in prison and not they're not having a great time in the slammer. And there's a trial. And a visit to the psych ward. And somebody's dead. And that's all we'll tell you.

Aimee: Any Beauty and the Beast scoop to share with us Beasties?!
BATB is getting its Law & Order on as the mission to clear Vincent's name is on. The police and our gang are both working on getting enough "evidence and witnesses" to prove their case, Austin Basis previews, adding that the case will "leads to almost an even more desperate problem…it's almost like the to the starting gate for Vincent and Catherine, not in their relationship, but how are they going to live a normal life?"


Warwick Saint/NBC

Geena: Hold up, Law & Order: SVU wasn't picked up by NBC yet? What the what!?
We know. So what's the hold up? We're told everyone is enjoying the show this year, so it's likely not contract turmoil..."Usually when you get that kind of contract turmoil it's because people aren't happy to begin with than whether or not you're signed on. If you want to be back, usually there's a way to work it out. If you're done, the negotiation becomes an excuse to leave. I don't want to mention any names," SVU executive producer Warren Leight said with a laugh. "Creatively everyone is very engaged this year and our sense is we're having a nice run and I think the actors are—I'm sure some of them will want a couple of more days off here and there—but in general, I think we'll be ready if and when a network exec makes an announcement."

Hayley: I always love Shameless, but this season Fiona is seriously pissing me off this season! Will she get her s—t together soon?
We hate to burst your bubble but…no. In fact, if you thought Fiona was already at rock bottom, just you wait for Sunday's all-new episode. We're not going to spill everything, but let's just say that Fiona pulls a Frank—and to be honest, we really don't think that she is going to be able to redeem herself after this one.

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