Pat Sajak has hosted Wheel of Fortune thousands of times, so imagine his surprise when a contestant named Emil managed to solve a puzzle—and win $45,000!—with just two letters on the board.

"Tonight's Wheel of Fortune features most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show. No kidding," the host tweeted Wednesday. He then asked his Twitter followers to keep it a secret, saying, "Please, no spoilers about tonight's incredible solve."

Emil was faced with a nearly impossible task in the final round of the syndicated game show. He correctly guessed two letters, "N" and "E," leaving 10 blank tiles. Two words had zero guessed letters. The contestant struck out when he guessed the following consonants and vowels: "H-M-D-O."

Wheel of Fortune, New Baby Buggy


The category was "Thing," so the possibilities were endless. And yet, Emil managed to pick the correct answer: "New Baby Buggy." Vanna White threw her hands up in disbelief, and Sajak looked stunned.

Sajak then jokingly patted the winner down. "What made last night's solve amazing was the generic category," the 67-year-old TV personality tweeted Thursday. "Could have been 'new anything.' But 'baby buggy?!' Wow!"

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