Taco Bell Now Serves Breakfast! Here's How Their A.M. Menu Tastes

Internet reviews the Waffle Taco, A.M. Crunchwrap and Cinnabon Delights

By John Boone Mar 19, 2014 9:39 PMTags
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If you're already eating Taco Bell for lunch and dinner and the fourth meal (that's the drunchies you eat at 2 a.m.), then congratulations. You have excellent taste and are our personal hero.

Oh, and GOOD NEWS. Now you can eat at Taco Bell for breakfast too! The Bell is releasing their breakfast menu on March 27 with 13 new items, including the long-rumored Waffle Taco (IT'S REAL) and an A.M. Crunchwrap, as well as more conventional items like breakfast burritos and hash browns.

The lucky bastards on the Internet got an early taste of three items and here are their reviews:


What Is It? The mythical Waffle Taco, a culinary creation we've only ever dreamed of. Until now. It's egg, cheese and sausage or bacon, wrapped in a waffle and smothered with syrup.

How Does It Taste? The N.Y. Daily News says it is "reminiscent of a funnel cake." Yahoo says it's "exactly what you think it will be," if slightly "flavorless." Buzzfeed says it's "definitely better if you pour syrup on it." Huffington Post compares it to the McDonald's McGriddle sandwich and says it "doesn't taste terrible."

"This is one that everyone will try because it's hilarious to tell your friends about, but it won't hold up on the fast-food market like the delicious Doritos Locos Tacos did," HuffPost concludes.


What Is It? The A.M. Crunchwrap: On the outside it looks like the the Crunchwrap Surpreme. Inside, it's BREAKFAST: hash browns, potatoes, bacon, egg, cheese and salsa in a grilled tortilla.

How Does It Taste? All four tasters agreed that it was the best of the three. Yahoo says that it's "everything you want from breakfast...wrapped up in one nifty little on-the-go pack." The Daily News says "its hash brown filling provided a nice crispy texture." And HuffPost says "all of the flavors stand out. Heck, even the eggs have a bit of flavor on their own."

"Seems like it'd be perfect for when you're super hungover or at the airport," Buzzfeed suggests.


What Is It? Cinnabon Delights. They're like Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, but balls.

How Does It Taste? HuffPost describes them as "fluffy, mildly creamy, and light," but warns, "Do not eat Cinnabon for breakfast...It's the reason the rest of the world isn't surprised about America's weight problem." Buzzfeed says they're "not so great" because the icing filling is "gross." Yahoo says they are "sickly sweet and kind of addicting." The Daily News simply says they're "tremendous."

"[They] might dunk Dunkin' at its own game," Daily News decides.

We'll take one of each. See you March 27 at 7 a.m., T.Bell. We'll be first in the drive-thru.