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Glee's final season is near, but does that mean that Lea Michele's beloved character Rachel Berry is coming to an end?

Well, not necessarily!

The brunette actress dished about her future with Ellen DeGeneres and made sure to stay extra vague about any juicy details.

"It's so fun to get to be with everyone," Michele gushed about working with her Glee cast.

"Next season is our final season so we still have a ways to go."

The talk show host asked if she would consider having a spinoff series after the show's sixth season.

And while she didn't exactly answer the question, we'll leave it to you to read between the lines.

"I come from Broadway and on Broadway you stay in a show and that's it. You make it your home. So for me, I like the schedule, I like the routine, and I love Ryan [Murphy] and I love Rachel Berry. So I'll be Rachel singing in a senior citizens home for everyone," she gushed.

"I've literally have said before that I will work for Ryan Murphy for the rest of my life. Unless he wants to put me on American Horror Story, I know what the theme is for next year and I'm in if he'll have me at least maybe for one episode."

She added, "Let's start that campaign right now actually!"

Michele on American Horror Story? That sounds like something that Murphy could make happen with a snap of his fingers!

Would you want to see a Rachel Berry spinoff show? Tell us below!

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