Ashley Judd knows what it means to be "hangry."

The Divergent star stopped by ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday, where she detailed her diet ad nauseam. "I have been eating my way through the Lone Star state," the actress told host Jimmy Kimmel, who had just returned to L.A. after spending a week in Austin, Texas, for the SXSW Festival.

Asked where her favorite restaurant is located, the 45-year-old movie star replied, "I always like to go to Perini's Steakhouse, which is out past Abilene, and I basically eat the entire menu. I'm a big eater."

Kimmel found it somewhat hard to believe that Judd truly a big foodie. She then challenged the comedian, saying, "Wanna have a contest? 'Cuz I'll meet you out back right now." Kimmel declined.

Judd said she doesn't "eat a whole lot of red meat," but added that she has a "stunning capacity" for cleaning her plate. "Let me put it this way: when I go to work on a film, I spend more time preparing the menu than I do my character. Because people literally do not believe the amount that I say I have to eat," the actress admitted. "I spend the first two weeks convincing them, because I'm in a rage fit because I'm hungry the whole time, and then they're like, 'Hey, honey, it's time for you to eat.'"

That being said, Judd is visibly in-shape. "I also exercise a lot, so there's a balance there," said the star.

"Zumba is a gas. It's really fun. It's shaking your butt and pretending you're good at it. It's dancing! It's embarrassing old school aerobics," she told Kimmel. "I actually started because I wanted the cross-brain experience. I wanted to use my non-dominant side, and then I just realized I liked to wiggle."

Shooting Divergent in Chicago was a "great" experience for Judd, who explored the local sweets scene.

"They had great doughnuts, Do-Rite in Chicago. It's so delicious. I would like to be their spokesperson."

Judd particularly loves the old fashioned variety. "They're very difficult to find these days," she explained. "It's got an interesting crumb around the edge, so instead of being a fully round smooth donut, it's got this little bit of a ridge, and they use Valrhona chocolate on theirs. Mmm, mmm, mmm!"

At one point, one of her colleagues stole one! "I had a doughnut on my chair and I thought about that doughnut all day, and when we wrapped, somebody had eaten it. I was distraught. I had lived for that doughnut. And so somebody brought me a whole box. We made peace. But they did so anonymously."

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