Pretty Little Liars, Finale

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WARNING: We're about to recap the season four finale of Pretty Little Liars and spill some serious scoop on what's ahead. If you don't want to know, we suggest moving to Ravenswood. For everyone else, let's discuss!

Ezra was shot! Mrs. DiLaurentis is dead! And we have so many questions!

Pretty Little Liars certainly amped up the crazy in tonight's season four finale and we're still trying to catch our breath. So, in an effort to keep up with the whirlwind of reveals and answers that PLL bestowed upon us tonight, we're spilling secrets, too!

Tonight we already gave you an exclusive Q&A with executive producer (and she-who-knows-all!) Marlene King, and now it's time to find out what Ali—aka Sasha Pieterse—has to say about tonight's mind-blowing hour. Read on for exclusive answers to some of your most burning season five questions, plus discover what it's really like to be buried alive, and how Ali will return to Rosewood following her mother's shocking murder.

What was your reaction to finding out that Ali's mother is one twisted lady who buried her daughter alive?!
Sasha Pieterse:
That was so twisted! They kept that finale script so under wraps it was ridiculous. We heard rumors, we heard little things, little bits. But when I actually read it, I was like, 'You have got to be kidding me!' Actually, I must admit though, my first thought about it was like, 'Oh no, I have to be in a grave again!' but they did it very well, and it was completely shocking.

What is it like for you going through the experience of being buried alive?
To see it actually happen is just scarring. It's devastating to know that a mother would actually do that to her child, but the real question is why. That's one of the last things Ali remembered—seeing her mother bury her.

Now that Ali and the liars have witnessed that Ezra was willing to take a bullet for them, does this mean Ali no longer thinks Ezra is the person who has been chasing after her?
I think that now that we've seen the finale, I don't think she was referring to Ezra. I mean we obviously made it seem like that, and there might have been a point where she might have thought that it was Ezra, but she definitely doesn't feel like it is now.

Pretty Little Liars, Finale

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

Were you happy to finally fill in all the holes of the timeline from the night Alison disappeared?
Yes, that's what's so great about the finale. Marlene has now said that if someone has not watched the show at all, they can watch our finale and know everything about the show, and that's exactly right. We explained so much in that episode—so much happened that night.

Now that fans have witnessed all of the finale's shocking twists and turns, what do you want to tell them?
Tell them that everything's going to be OK. Seriously, the finale is jam-packed with craziness and there's a lot that goes on. But the fifth season is like a reboot. There are so many great things that happen in the fifth season and there's a lot of changes too.

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Pretty Little Liars, Finale

ABC FAMILY/Eric McCandless

What kind of changes can fans expect from season five?
The dynamic between the girls. Alison coming back in their lives is ridiculous in the best way possible, and I think the writers have done a really great job. Now we get to do a lot of fun stuff because we've never encountered this before. This is not a flashback—it's current time and I get to wear current clothes. I'm very excited, I couldn't be more happy about that.

Are you excited for Ali to make her big Rosewood debut?
Of course! I think it's going to be so much fun. I can't wait to see how they incorporate just regular civilians. You know what I mean? What are people's reactions going to be to someone they thought was dead—twice. I mean there was like two memorials and all this stuff. It's ridiculous!

Season five of Pretty Little Liars will premiere Tuesday, June 10.

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