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Yes, that's right, we're bringing you the juiciest TV scoop in today's Spoiler Chat, including all the inside info on Alec Baldwin's big Law & Order: SVU guest appearance, as well as The Blacklist's surprising new character and deets on Season 10 of Supernatural.

Plus, we've got scoop on Arrow's unlikely duo, Nashville's latest shocker and more...

Felicia: The Mindy Project, I need it back in my life. Like yesterday.
Make that last week, seriously. We've seen the first episode back and it's so worth the wait. What can we tell you? It picks up right where we left off with Mindy and Danny and the scene that follows may be one of the series' funniest yet. Let's just say you'll never look at an airplane toilet the same way again.

Stephanie: I'm really excited to see what happens when Mariska steps behind the camera on Law & Order: SVU. Any deets you can spare?
Sure are! It's not an open and shut case for the SVU squad, executive producer Warren Leight tells us. Alec Baldwin plays Jimmy "Mac" McArthur, a New York City newspaper columnist who's "like the last of a dying breed." He's larger than life and so is Alec Baldwin, Leight says.

"There's rape in Central Park South that also seems to be hate crime. The victim is an Indian Islamic woman and Jimmy Mac comes in and leaks certain bits of information and announces it's a hoax, there was no hate crime and this is another Tawana Brawley. Our squad is in the midst of trying to find out what happens to this poor woman played by Summer Bishil…the question for the squad and Jimmy Mac is, "Was there a crime or is she making the whole thing up?" and Jimmy Mac decides it's a hoax and announces it on page one of [fictional] The New York Ledger and that just throws a hand grenade into the case," Leight spills. And getting Baldwin to play a media figure after his story about leaving the public eye was just by chance.

"I wish I could say we planned that. There have been a lot of attempts over the years to get him. Mariska and Alec are great friends and I guess there had been talk off and on over the years about could he ever do an episode and when this idea came up, I thought this is the one," Leight says. "He's awfully believable as a hard-hitting Irish columnist. We called him about it and I got about 20 words into the character description and he goes, ‘I optioned a book about a couple of these guys once. I wanted to play [real-life columnist] Mike McAlary in a movie…' We had what we thought was the right part for him and it turns out he had wanted to play a New York City columnist for two decades."

SPNzatnikatel: Will Jensen get the opportunity to direct again next season?
"Yes, I did kind of throw the phone call out recently," Jensen Ackles reveals to us about plans to direct a Season 10 episode of Supernatural. "Last year, I was busy being a new dad, so this year I hopefully…well, actually I don't have more time on my hands, but I'm gonna attempt to try it again, so yeah, I think I will try it again."

Hayden Panettiere, Nashville

ABC/Mark Levine

Cristina: Got any scoop on Nashville?
Is the show killing off yet another character?! We can tell you that one of our main characters ends up in the hospital with some pretty major injuries in episode 20. Want a hint? It's someone close to Rayna.

Gregory: Holy crap, The Blacklist is amazing right now. I need to know what's going to happen next with Tom!
We can tell you two words he will be saying again soon: "I do!" Yes, Tom and Liz decide to renew their vows, which means that's two times Liz has married a guy who considers her his "target." And yes, that's how Tom's older brother Craig  (played by Peter Scanavino) comes into play.

Freddie Prinze Jr., Witches of East End


Please tell me we will see Leo back on Witches of East End in season two!
Hate to break it to you, but Freddie Prinze Jr. and his six pack will not be back in season two. "That was kind of a favor for a friend. I think they had an actor who got injured, and I've known Madchen [Amick] for over a decade. She plays with my children. I bought her daughter track uniform," Prinze tells us. "She asked for a favor, it was like four days' notice, and I zipped up there and then zipped back, and then they brought me back for another one which was very nice of them, but we haven't spoken about doing a third [episode]."

 Liam: Anything on tonight's episode of Arrow would be great!
How about that we see Felicity in her jammies? And that she says the words "I love you" in the episode? OK, so they are part of another sentence, but she still says ‘em!  Oh, you need more? Fine. When Diggle reluctantly teams up with Deadshot (aka the guy who killed his brother), the results may surprise you as David Ramsey teases an "interesting dynamic" between the duo and "a lot of growth for both" of the characters.

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