No one would—or should—be surprised to learn that there is still a ton of sexism in the ads you see every day. If you happen to catch even one commercial break (we know you have your DVR and no one watches commercials anymore, but if you happen to), it will be very obvious. 

But we need people to keep pointing it out because nothing is changing. So Buzzfeed made this video, which swaps out the women in three commercials with men. The results are, of course, ridiculous:

Buzzfeed, Role Reversal


"Commercials tend to show women in provocative poses no matter what product is being sold, so we decided to re-create three of them with men," Buzzfeed says.

The ads are for Doritos, GoDaddy and Hardee's, which cash in on the oh-so-popular advertising tropes of "pleasing your man," "hot girl and nerdy guy," and "sexualized food," respectively.

(We would argue that the GoDaddy gender swap is the least effective, as throwing glasses on a beautiful girl does not a "nerd" make. Hasn't anyone ever seen She's All That? But we digress.)

Zesty Guy, Kraft

Kraft/Douglas Friedman

Some will argue that hey, sex sells! And for every bikini babe eating a fast food burger real sexy like, there's a shirtless beefcake with a six-pack shilling salad dressing to ladies. (For the record, the numbers aren't comparable. Let's just clarify that right away.)

But look at what kind of response each ad gets:

Kraft introduced a Zesty Man pinup model and right wing groups labeled the "n*ked man" "the most disgusting ad ever." They said Kraft had "gone too far" and was "push[ing] away loyal, conservative customers." 

Meanwhile, n*ked women in commercials is...the norm.

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