Chelsea Handler calls it like she sees it!

So when Adam Carolla forgot to name the Chelsea Lately host as a woman who "can really kill it in late-night," Ms. Handler let him have a piece of her mind when he dropped by the show Monday.

"A girlfriend of mine called me and said, 'That a--hole Adam Carolla said there are no female late-night hosts,' and she sends me a link to this clip," Chelsea said. "I want to show you this clip and see what you have to say for yourself."

The Catch a Contractor host squirmed a little as they cut to footage from a Skype interview where he talked about ladies with late-night potential. "Um, we'll there's Ellen [Degeneres]," he says in the video. "I bet if she put her show on when the streetlights are on she'd probably do pretty well. Um, trying to think. I don't know to me it's not so much about women or men, it's more about who do you wanna see at night."

After the clip aired, Adam asked Chelsea sheepishly, "Can I defend myself?" She allowed this, and her guest tried to make a joke about his dancing skills being paramount to Chris Brown's (which people like to point out, regardless of the situation). "All would be forgiven if I could move," he lamented laughingly.

He then tried to blame semantics for his forgetful moment. "She asked me what female could do a late-night show," he said. "You're currently doing a late-night show."

"That's the answer to that question you f--king idiot!" she shouts. "Chelsea Handler!"

He tried again to explain, saying, "Ellen is not currently doing a late-night show, so they wanna know who is currently not doing a late-night show that could be doing a late night show.. if i just said [David] Letterman [host of the Late Show]'d be confusing, right?"

Hmm. Watch and see for yourself if Chelsea's bought this explanation!

Tune into Chelsea Lately weeknights at 11 p.m. on E!

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