Dear Taylor Schilling, you are the biggest tease ever!

The beautiful Orange Is the New Black star stopped by the E! News set today (sans orange jumpsuit) to chat with Terrence Jenkins and Giuliana Rancic about her upcoming movie Stay and, of course, the super-popular Netflix series that is coming back for season two on June 6. Yeah, we're excited, too, but ugh! June 6 is so far away!

So we just had to ask—what can fans expect after that big cliffhanger during last season's finale?! And for a split second, we thought we were gonna get some answers.

"Today is the day," Schilling responded, "Because I like you, I'll just tell you everything."

Our dreams were quickly shattered when she followed up with, "I can't really say much. I just can't." Bummer times infinity.

However, Taylor was cool with dishing a little bit about her upcoming movie Stay (in theaters this Friday), where she plays Abby, a woman who finds out she's pregnant then moves back to her hometown after the daddy-to-be makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her.

"Stay is a movie that I made in Ireland with Aidan Quinn and it's a really small movie. It's a beautiful, sort-of counterpoint to what happens in Orange Is the New Black. It's a movie about a relationship and kind of reconciling your past to be able to move on with your future," she tells us.

Watch the clip to see more from the interview and to see how Taylor won the Maxi-Pad Award!

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