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Teen Wolf fans who have yet to watch Monday, March 17's episode, "Insatiable," turn away now because we are about to reveal the major death that went down in the hour. Warning, spoilers ahead!

So who's crying?

We all knew a death was coming, but very little could have prepared us for actually watching it happen. After nearly three entire seasons of watching her go from a typical teenage girl to the show's most badass human with archery skills to rival Katniss Everdeen, Allison Argent (played by the magnificent Crystal Reed) succumbed to a stab wound from an Oni sword, and died in the arms of her first and only loveScott McCall (Tyler Posey).

Tonight's episode, "Insatiable," was action-packed from the start. The Nogitsune had run off to the abandoned Oak Creek internment camp with Lydia (Holland Roden), and everyone was determined to find her, afraid for both Lydia and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), who seemed to be growing weaker by the minute. Meanwhile, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) took care of the twins, who were not in good shape after having been shot with laced bullets, and Allison shared some retrospectively foreshadowy moments with the two main men in her life: Isaac (Daniel Sharman) and her dad.

Isaac told her that he did in fact remember their night together and that he was not possessed when they hooked up, which was clearly good news for Allison. While that was a sweet if awkward conversation, the real tearjerking scene came when Mr. Argent (JR Bourne), with their recently enacted new code to help those who cannot help themselves in mind, decided it was time for his daughter to graduate from amateur hunter to professional by casting her own silver bullet. Instead, she opted for a silver arrowhead, and pleaded with him to not let himself get hurt. "I love you," she said. "And I'm so proud of us."

While Allison said what turned out to be some sad goodbyes, Scott had a heart-to-heart with his father, during which he discovered the real reason he left. During an alcohol-fueled fight with Melissa, Mr. McCall accidentally sent his young son tumbling down the stairs. Scott shrugged it offhe gets hurt all the time, accidents happen, and no one needs to feel guilty.

Teen Wolf


Scott and Stiles ended up searching for Meredith, the psychic-seeming fellow patient that Stiles met while at Eichen House. She escaped from her solitary confinement and turned up at the school, in Finstock's class, to inform everyone that death was coming. As it turns out, Meredith's a banshee, and she was able to eventually lead Scott and Stiles to Lydia's location. Joined by Allison, Isaac, and Kira (Arden Cho), they headed to Oak Creek, where the Nogitsune was busy terrorizing poor Lydia.

At the entrance to the abandoned camp, the rescue team met up with Mrs. Yukimura and her team of Oni, who were fully prepared to kill the Nogitsune, regardless of what that might to do Stiles. However, when the Oni surrounded Lydia and the Nogitsune, it snapped the remaining fox tail and gained complete control of the demon ninjas. The Nogitsune locked Lydia in a cell and took his newfound soldiers outside, where the rest of the group was waiting, and the fight began. As it turned out, Lydia didn't want to be found, as she knew whose death was coming.

No one did well in the fight – particularly Isaac, who was nearly stabbed and scraped to death until Allison managed to hit one of the Oni with an arrow to the chest. It disappeared, but another one managed to stab her straight through the stomach, just in time for Scott to make it to her side. He caught her as she fell, and we cried right along with him as she told him that he was her first love, she still loved him, and she would always love him.

So basically, everything is terrible and life is meaningless now. We're not sure how we're supposed to handle a whole other episode before this season ends, especially because we've got official confirmation that the fight is most certainly not over yet, and it doesn't even look like every character is out of the woods. On the bright side, goofy stiles was back for a split second tonight. Just try not to think about the fact that he too seems to be dying.

Now, everyone take some deep breaths, get some sleep, and try to think happy thoughts. If anyone's interested in giving everyone in Beacon Hills (particularly Scott, for that last devastating scene) great big hugs, the line starts behind us. What did you think of Teen Wolf's shocking death? Mourn Allison with us in the comments, won't you?

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