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How I Met Your Mother delivered a handful (or two) of blasts from the pasts on Monday night, giving us the rundown on where some of the series' most memorable guest stars ended up in the future, while The Blacklist finally revealed Tom's true colors and delivered a shocking death. Plus, The Following staged a surprising resurrection. For more of Monday's OMG TV moments, read on! Warning: as always, spoilers are ahead!

The Blacklist: Cue up the Dolly Parton 'cause we're paying respects to Jolene tonight. Yes, that's right: Jolene, the substitute-teacher-but-really-a-fellow-spy, died in tonight's the hands (and kung fu moves?) of Tom! Oh, and Tom also killed The Cowboy, Red's private investigator played by Fringe's Lance Reddick. (Is it awful that we've never been more attracted to Tom Keen than we were tonight? First time we've ever found someone taking glasses off, not putting them on, hotter!) Talk about sleeping with the enemy, Liz!

But the deaths didn't stop there as Audrey, Ressler's ex-fiancé, was also killed in a car crash (baddie of the week Mako was behind it) was her unborn baby as it was revealed she was pregnant when she died. We'd like to file a complaint and/or lawsuit against the showrunners on behalf of Ressler for emotional distress.

How I Met Your Mother: Leading up to the fast-approaching series finale, HIMYM delivered one helluva blast from the past tonight, giving us updates (courtesy of Future Ted) on many familiar faces and hosting a surprise parade of returning guest stars.

Ranjit now owns his own limo service, while Patrice hosts her own radio show and Zabka became a celebrated poet. Scooter, fittingly, married Lily's doppelganger and Sandy, Robin's former co-host, went on to work in Russia. But wait, there's more! Janet, Ted's ex, and Kevin, Robin's ex, found love after the former was forced to see the latter after being arrested for sending jars of pee to Val Kilmer. James and Tom reunited (Phew!), Blah Blah's name was revealed (Carol!) and Zoey, Ted's ex, is still fighting for the causes that matter most to her and The Blitz finally kicked his gambling habit.

Oh, and we got to see Ted and the Mother's ridiculously sweet (and slightly awkward) first date. After a few snafus, the duo shared their first kiss. "Remembering this" is the new "I love you," no?

The Blacklist


The Following: Claire is alive. We repeat: Claire, Joe's ex-wife and Ryan's beloved, who we were told died at the hands of Joe's crazy follower in the season one finale attack, was revealed to be alive at the end of tonight's episode, seemingly with the FBI's help. The only character to know this gamechanging info? Weston. For now.

The Voice: And the Battle Rounds begin! And in the first night alone, three steals went down! After losing to T. J. Wilkins, Biff Gore was picked up by Blake Shelton, while Patrick Thomson was swiped by Shakira after losing to Kat Perkins. Finally, Jake Barker, though he lost to Stevie Jo, had his pick of three coaches, ultimately choosing Adam Levine.

Bates Motel: Ever wonder why Norma disliked Dylan, her oldest son, so much? Well, we found out the reason why tonight: Her brother Caleb (played by Kenny Johnson), the one who raped her, is actually Dylan's father. Feel free to never complain about your family issues again.

Star-Crossed: And the secret Atrian is (drumroll please!)...Zoe, the school's reigning popular girl Taylor's second-in-command, is actually a Trag! Raise your hand if you did not see that coming!

Dancing With the Stars: Which '90s stars exceled in the ballroom? Which Olympian notched one of the series' highest debut dancers ever? Who was kind of a terrible dancer? We've got the answers to all those questions with our Season 18 premiere recap.

What did you watch on Monday night? Sound off in the comments!

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